Because it’s almost funny.

I could laugh about it just hours later.  But Alex is still trying to find the humor.

It’s Friday evening – the end of our first week as family of five – and we are going to the back to school picnic at Henry’s school.

Alex and I have taken the “divide and conquer approach,” and are working hard to get all three of our little ones ready to head out the door.

A picnic dinner has been packed.  Everyone has used the potty, or has a fresh diaper and the baby has just been nursed.  The diaper bag is overflowing with anything and everything we may need for our hour-long jaunt.

Alex and I were on our best behavior – despite the stress I know we were both feeling.  {Is it always going to be this chaotic?  Let’s just be nice to each other – no snippy comments.  The kids are almost ready and we will soon be on our way.  So we kept our happy game-faces on and persevered.}

Alex buckled Henry and Charlie into their carseats and I buckled William into his inside the house.

Just as I exit the house into the garage Alex turns on the car.  {I’m wondering why, as William and I aren’t in the car yet.}

Worse yet, he begins to back up the car.  {I start to scream/yell Alex’s name.}

A terrible scraping/grinding sound ensues.

Seems in all of the “getting ready” chaos Alex had forgotten to close the back-end of the car.  That scraping sound?  It was the rear wiper being ripped off the back of the car.  Somehow the garage door was unscathed.

My husband was none to pleased about the situation.

I quietly put William into the car.  Alex closed the back door and we left for the picnic.

It was quiet in the car until Henry announced “I can’t wait to tell all of my friends how Dad broke the car!”

{I just know that this will be one of those “remember when” stories that we all will eventually laugh about one day.  Our first outing together as a family of five.}


8 thoughts on “Because it’s almost funny.

  1. Oh my. I just had a flash-forward for me, next year. Yikes!

    Except it can’t top what I did when we lived in our old house. I pulled quickly out of the garage.

    Without first opening said garage.


    Thankfully it was before kids, so no one could tell on me.

    Except anyone who drove by my house and saw the damage.

  2. That is hilarious! So many things to look forward with 3. And Carson LOVES to share the story of how him and daddy got pulled over by the police on the way to school last spring. It happens almost every time we pass a cop. Oh the art of keeping a secret. My dad one tried to back out of the garage with the car door open and ripped the whole thing off so it could have been worse!!

  3. I know that our family has been giggling about this since that evening. The look on Henry’s face as he bounded over to our car to share the “news” was priceless. It was a big moment for him…I could tell not so much for Alex! We’ve all been there….I’m impressed you guys came at all!!!

  4. Too funny! I can just see your husband’s face as your drove to the picnic- love it! Yes, getting 3 out the door is still not easy but it’s getting easier! Ha-ha-I’m stilling laughing over here!

  5. Oh gosh!!! We have days like this almost every day with our three boys in tow…sometimes 4 when I’m babysitting Joey!! LOVE the photos of the three of them. CONGRATS again!!!

  6. Oh yeah….way too funny!!!! He will laugh about it later…….

    I forgot to put on my parking break….I have a standard shift SUV… rolled from my school pking lot – into a fence that surrounds a holding pond! Oh yeah, my bumper and back end look like they’ve been beaten up!!! Talk about making a statement at my school? I was the big joke for weeks!!!

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