Baby hog

Perhaps I’ve been a bit selfish.  Keeping baby William all to myself.  No posts, up-dates, new photos, or details of how we ended up here three weeks early.  That will all come.  Eventually.

So go ahead, call me a baby hog.  I’m only going to continue to soak in every minute of this sweet baby time.  It may seem like I’ve gone on and on about this already, but I am so thankful to have this gift.  Looking back I realized that I missed out on this stage with Charlie.  We were too busy with appointments every day {literally} for the first month of his life.  That isn’t exactly a recipe for postpartum bliss.  And I’ll be honest, during any downtime I was simply running on cruise control.  With a third baby I simply assumed that I wouldn’t have this gift of time – but I have and I do.  And I have cherished every minute.

There is also that small detail of adjusting to life with three boys.  Three little boys.  We are all doing well – adapting and embracing our new roles.  {Yes, even mom and dad.}  We are keeping close to home and choosing to keep our focus on our growing little family.  And that just feels right.

{One very proud big brother.}


7 thoughts on “Baby hog

  1. Ok….I just have to say you are giving me the baby itch with those newborn photos. I LOVE newborns!!!
    Enjoy every lovely minute of it and welcome to the world of 3 boys. I LOVE having 3 boys!!!
    Also, on a side note, your house LOOKS AMAZINGLY clean and neat and tidy….LOVE it…how do you do that?!?! I need help in that department…there is too much stuff with three boys!!!

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