The last few days have been dreamy.  Or foggy.  And slightly overwhelming.  Yet blissful still seems like the perfect word to describe life with a new baby in the house.

There is something special about those first moments.  Those early days when time stops, everything else falls to the side and every waking moment revolves around this perfect new person.  A baby.  Your baby.  Your child.  I have been blessed with extraordinary help {Alex and my mom, aunts and cousins} as they have simply taken care of every detail in regards to Henry and Charlie.  Making this week seem more like an adventure than a shuffling of kids.

This amazing support and love has given me the gift of uninterrupted time with my William.  Time to just sit and stare at the miracle that he is.  I am fully consumed and enveloped in baby bliss.  I’ve even had the luxury of an occasional nap, showers and time to read .  {While marveling at the notion that I ever found one child overwhelming.}  But most of all I just sit and stare.  At perfection, at the miracle that is a new baby.  It’s called baby love and I’m consumed.

That’s not to say that there hasn’t been plenty of running around.  I’ve been busy dragging out baby clothes that I had yet to un-pack {I was really counting on those last three weeks}, canceling meetings and appointments, various doctor visits {checking in with our hometown docs} transferring medical records, and starting that never-ending cycle of laundry that only a new baby can produce.

Of course the hormones have also kicked into high-gear.  That, coupled with a lack of sleep {William is what most would call a “night-owl”} I’ve had many moments when my emotions get the best of me – bringing up fears and worries that I never anticipated.  And of course there are the physical changes.  Milk rushing in, your body reminding you that yes indeed, you most certainly did go through labor and delivery {five days ago.}

{A rare moment during the day with open eyes.}

{William and I spend plenty of time gazing at each other in the wee hours, so if I’m looking for more “awake” photos I may just have to start snapping shots then.  Yet, I remain hopeful…}

I’m still processing last weekend.  To say that a lot happened would be an understatement.  But I want to share our story.  Because I think the story of each new life is beautiful.  {And if anything, I want to remember each detail.}

For now though I’m going to continue soaking in each minute with my sweet baby William.


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