Back to school.  It’s sort of bittersweet.

::Bitter:: Tuesday Henry headed back to Montessori and he was thrilled!  But it was hard for this mom to watch her baby {sniff, sniff} walk so confidently down the hall, shake his teachers hand, shout “bye mom” and walk into the classroom without skipping a beat.  All fantastic things, but all so grown up!

::Sweet::  My baby is back in school five mornings a week!  {Come on, I’m not the only one am I?}

Of course we had to take a back to school photo. You know, something very special like this one.  {Which is actually quite similar to last year’s shot…except that Henry has gained quite a few inches.}

Since the camera was out for some back to school shots it only seemed fitting to snap a few others…because who could possibly resist these faces?  {Can you tell that Charlie loves to have his picture taken while Henry really doesn’t have the patience for the paparazzi – a.k.a. Mom – these days?}

And seriously, don’t you just want to give this little guy a big ‘ol hug?

Because he’s so. darn. cute.

OK.  I’ll stop now.

Last one.  Promise.


6 thoughts on “September

  1. What a great first day of school picture!!! And no… are NOT the only one to be glad school is starting. It’s the routine of it all…….

    And yes, Charlie is sooooo darn CUTE!!! There’s just something adorable about that little smile and those eyes…….mine was like that too. Not that he isn’t now….he’s just not so cooperative when it comes to taking pictures now!!!

    So, when is baby boy coming to join the rest????

  2. Oh, Libby. I literally oohed and aahed my way through those photos! I sighed a big sigh at the last one. He. Is. Precious.

    Benjamin also loves to have his picture made! Smiley boy. :)

    And I love his Charlie Brown shirt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Thank you for including the link to last year’s post. I love to see how much they’ve grown. Henry looks so much older this year. And Charlie was still a peanut last year! That shot of him in the grocery cart shows how tiny he was!

  4. And look how much better your photo is this year that last year – you’ve grown in your photography skills too! These are all lovely, lovely photos.

    Soren heads back to Montessori next week. He is beyond excited about it. Isn’t it such a a joy to see your boy loving his learning environment like that?

  5. You have the most adorable boys, I just want to hug them.
    I really enjoy your Blessings and Glory.
    (I am Lori McKimmy’s mother.)

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