The Party

Of course there was a party to celebrate the birthday boy turning two.  Which resulted in an abundance of photos.  {You didn’t think I’d forgotten did you?}

It was a birthday party.  So naturally there was cake.

A six-layer cake.  Yes, six.  And let me tell you – it takes a lot of frosting to cover six layers.

Both boys were excited to blow out the candles.  {And let’s be honest – Henry finished the job.}

Did I mention that the six layers were different colors?  Six colors, making a rainbow.  It made me happy just looking at it.  I mean really – how can you look at that cake and not smile?  Yes, it took me forever to make.  {Hence the picture overload.}  Of course I questioned my sanity a few times.  It also occurred to me that one day my kids are either going to think their mom is totally cool or totally nuts.

It really was that bright.  Technicolor really.  And it was surprisingly easy to cut and serve.  It was a hit with everyone {note the small leftover piece – it easily fed our crowd of 30 + guests.}

Even the birthday boy got a kick out of eating cake and ice cream {a very special treat indeed!}  {Note that those who *prefer* to eat with their hands were given carefully selected colors to enjoy…}

{You can find more cake inspiration here.}

But back to the party.

There were lots of presents to open and big brother Henry was always ready to lend a hand.

But no matter how great the presents – the tissue paper, ribbons and gift bags were the favorites.

Henry made sure to say “thank you everyone for all of the nice presents for both of us!”  Such good manners.

A good time was had by all.  Especially the birthday boy, who decided that *maybe* birthday parties aren’t so bad after all.  {Remember last year?}


11 thoughts on “The Party

  1. I’m sorry… That us only THE COOLEST CAKE EVER.

    I suck at baking…so had I even managed to bake the cakes without burning them or having them fall apart on me, I’d have probably mixed up the colors, so my rainbow would have been all backwards.

    You, however, did an awesome job.

  2. OMG! I always though you were brave for many, many reasons but that cake actually and yes I am going to say it “TAKES THE CAKE”. You are fantastic. I am going to have to copy that cake!!! Pics were darling, Happy late birthday Charlie!!

  3. Um. That is the most beautiful, awesome cake EVER! I love it. Love it, love it!

    What a perfect cake to celebrate Amazing Charlie’s 2nd birthday. Happy birthday, Sweet boy! I have a feeling the twos are going to be remarkable for you!

  4. Happy Birthday Charlie!! I have to say your Charlie was one of the first faces I came across when I started googling Down syndrome(when I had just found out about Bennett while pregnant) and to this day his face puts a huge smile on my face. He is absolutely precious- I can’t say it enough!

    Awesome cake btw!!

  5. Oh wow. You did it. You made THE cake. I have been (literally) drooling over that cake ever since I saw it on Meg’s blog months ago! You did a fantastic job!! It looks delicious!!

    Great party pics. I love Henry’s “thanks for the presents for both of us” line. LOL!


  6. SO glad there is another mommy out there that goes WAY beyond the call of duty when it comes to baking, cooking, decorating, ok, anything! :) Happy Birthday Charlie!

  7. An amazing cake for an amazing little boy from his amazing Mom. My feet hurt just thinking about the time it took you to make the cake and all those layers in your very pregnant state! The boys will look back on the pictures in the years to come and feel so special that you took so much time and care to make their days so special! Happy late birthday Charlie!

  8. Hi Libby! We miss you on the bunny board, stop by when you get a chance. Adorable pics and that cake is amazing! and your belly shot is great – you look wonderful!

  9. Wow, Libby! I hadn’t seen this post until today, and that cake just floored me.

    Would you mind terribly if I were to copy your amazing, fantastic idea for the rainbow cake? It’s a ways off, but when Iris’ first birthday rolls around, I hope I’ll remember this and find a way to reproduce your excellent results. We have kind of a rainbow “thing” going for her, given that Iris is (among other things) the name of the ancient Greeks’ rainbow goddess.

    (Funny aside: The random play setting on my MP3 player just pulled up “Rainbow Connection,” nicely covered by the Dixie Chicks.)

    And of course, happy belated birthday to Charlie! He is just so beautiful. What a lucky momma you are. :-)

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