36 Weeks

Ahh, 36 weeks.

I think today is worth a recap.  In one of those nostalgic “remember those days when the kids were little” sort of way.

5:45 – 6:30 a.m.  It’s way too early to start the day, but mine did thanks to the constant waves of charley horse cramps seizing up my legs.  {All you moms know what I’m talking about.}  Nothing like waking up and flying out of bed to run around desperately trying to ease the pain.  You know – with all the grace you would expect of a gal who is 36 weeks pregnant.

8:00 a.m. Henry and I go to the dentist.  Let me tell you there is nothing more relaxing than having your teeth cleaned.  Oh wait – try having your four year old watch.  And then just for the heck of it have his teeth cleaned too.  Now that’s fun.  Briefly have a moment of worry when paying the bill.  Yikes!  It’s going to be almost a mortgage payment to bring three boys in for a cleaning.

Pick up Charlie from “play-date” at Alex’s office.  Note that Alex clearly had a productive morning with a toddler underfoot.

It’s go time.  Time to run errands that is.

Successfully take boys through Michael’s and grab cake decorating supplies for Charlie’s party.  {Never been before – now that’s a store I could have fun exploring sans kiddos.}

Take kids to Toys ‘r’ Us.  Hoping to fulfill dream of older brother lovingly and carefully picking out birthday present for younger brother’s birthday.  Realize that yes, that was a dream as both boys meltdown.  Quickly pick out gift, pay, and head out of the store.  Remind self that this is why internet shopping exists.  Obviously.

One more stop.  Boys are back on track.  Receive “the look” from a handful shoppers.  The “you’re a breeder” look.  {Scowl?}  If you have ever received it you know what I mean.  I find it odd that it mostly comes from the older and grumpy set.  Perhaps they are jealous that their grandkids aren’t as cute?

Have small “run-in” with one grumpy scowler {my own word} while waiting in line to pay.  Let’s just blame it on the raging 36 week hormones.  Both boys are in the cart laughing and talking.  Lady scowls and mutters something under her breath.  I push cart closer.  Charlie lets out a screech.  Lady looks at Charlie, scowls again.  Glares at me.  Looks at my belly and shakes her head while giving the “breeder” look.  I {loudly} thank the boys for their good behavior {truly} and tell them that we are almost finished.  Lady continues to mutter and proceeds to tell clerk that she can’t even think with all of this noise.  That she “already had a headache and now {glaces back at us} it’s getting worse.”  I casually mention that “I’m sorry you have such a bad headache, but perhaps if it is so bad you shouldn’t be out shopping.”  Scowler walks away in a huff.

Load kids up one more time in car.  Head to Starbucks for a treat.  For myself.  {Again, God-bless the drive thru and that tall iced soy latte, and slice of pumpkin loaf.}  Decide that things are going quite smoothly in the car.  Kids are buckled in.  Everyone is happy.  Why not try to make it last just a bit longer?  Let’s go through the car wash!  {Tell me I’m not the only one who has done this before…}

Get superior wash.  It’s seven minutes long.  About, oh 7 seconds into the wash Charlie freaks out.  Poor kiddo is scared out of his mind.  Undo seat belt, twist, turn and somehow maneuver pregnant belly just enough to get him out of his car seat and into the front seat.  Whew.

Scuff up new pedicure while unloading the car at home.  Try to fix scuff but realize that it’s not worth the effort to try and bend down to reach toe, hence the need for a pedicure in the first place.

Feed kids.  Start third load of laundry for the day.  Pick-up toys around the house.  Nap time.  Bliss.

Laugh.  It’s only 1:00 p.m.

Realize that being a mom more often than not results in never a dull moment, crazy, unpredictable days.  And I wouldn’t have it any other way.  {Which is probably a good thing – you know – all things considered.}


5 thoughts on “36 Weeks

  1. Libby, you look fantastic at 36 weeks and I am praying for you and your sweet family that all goes wonderfully with the delivery of your new little blessing! I love hearing your stories, it helps me to remember that we moms are quite extraordinary creatures…just when I think I have reached my limit, my day can’t get anymore hectic, kids can’t get any crazier…my kiddos do the most amazing, funny, sweet things and it puts it all back in balance! Take care~

  2. Sounds very familiar! I often get the “breeder” look myself. I just had our third 10 days ago, and I babysit a 1 year old. I’d be out and about with three under 4 and very obviously pregnant and I would get the craziest looks. “You do know how that happens, right?” Umm, yeah, I do. Thanks.

  3. I can relate to this whole post. The dentist, the Toys ‘r’ Us meltdowns, the grumpy scowlers (I have four children).

    I love your attitude — talking back to the grump, laughing at how your day is going, blogging about it.

    Hope today is as wonderfully busy and crazy and fun.

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