Charlie has a new trick.  It’s self-taught, he just revealed it Thursday, and it cracks us up.  Every time.

He has learned the important skill of the “pretend” sneeze.  First it’s a loud “aaahh-chooo!”  And then he dissolves into giggles – while making sure that his new trick has captured the attention of all in the room.  If successful, more sneezes are sure to follow.  Maybe it’s one of those tricks that only a mother could love, but I’ll take my chances.

So without further ado – here’s Charlie in the act.  {And yes, I too can pretend sneeze – forgive my laughter and sneezing – but it’s so worth it to listen to Charlie.}  And as before – I’m not quite as tech savvy as I’d like to be – so here’s the video link via our Flickr account…Ah-choo!


10 thoughts on “Ah-choo!

  1. Good grief what a cutie!! His hair is SO blonde!! And his laugh and giggles are very similar to my Benjamin’s. Wow. This was a great video! I forwarded it to my mom and my husband!! When is his 2nd birthday? Is it coming up soon?

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