A bedtime prayer.

While tucking Henry into bed this evening…teeth have been brushed, stories have been read, and now prayers…

{Mom} “Dear Jesus, thank you for this wonderful day {Henry inserts key parts of his day}…and today Henry is thankful for {inserts favorite toys, people, activities}…”

Now it’s my turn to {insert} a few things into the prayer…Jesus, please be with Henry tomorrow and help him to be a good listener, to follow directions and to not have an attitude.”

{Henry}  “It’s OK mom, my attitude said it’s going to take a vacation for a couple of days.  But don’t worry – it will eventually come home.  In Jesus’ name, amen.”


The next day…

{Mom} “Henry, you are being such a good boy today, thank you.  I’m so happy that your negative attitude took a vacation – why don’t we ask it to just stay on vacation?”

{Henry}  “We, can’t do that!  I’m his {the attitude} home!”


2 thoughts on “A bedtime prayer.

  1. What a cutie. Libby, we’ve been struggling with the negative attitude too. Lots and lots of talking about it and lots of me saying “hm, now that wasn’t a very nice way to say that, why don’t you try again?” And then tons of positive reinforcement when he does speak kindly.

    That bad stage lasted about a week, but I have to say that since then Soren has been so awesome. It really does seem like he feels powerful to know thta he’s the one who gets to choose whether or not to speak kindly and therefore control whether he makes people happy or mad. It has been very interesting to watch.

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