How to sew on a button.

{Five to be exact.  Five buttons that were loving removed (ripped) from a certain four-year-olds duvet cover.}

Take your two young sons with you to Target to buy sewing “kit.”

{Actual sewing kit.  Clearly Henry was unsure if it would get the job done.}

Barely survive hour-long excursion.  Realize this is why you haven’t taken your two boys – four and almost two – with you to Target for well over a year.  Push away any thoughts about the logistics of running errands with three kids in just a matter of weeks.  Say a million silent thank-you’s for standing weekly sitter and for those four hours that allow you to grocery shop and run errands in peace.

Load kids up and treat yourself to Starbucks.  (Black-tea lemonade, at the drive-thru, thank you.)

Continue driving home, while son Henry expresses concern over how mom is actually going to sew a button.

“Mom, do you know how to sew a button?”

“No, but I’m going to learn.”

“I know how.”

“Yes, I know Henry.”

“I learned at school.  We can always call Mrs. R. if you need help.”

Talk with Alex on phone (yes while driving…)  He mentions that he sewed a button on a pair of pants just last week.

Continue driving home feeling not quite as cool knowing that both my four-year-old son and husband can sew on buttons.

Get home, unload kids, water plants (100 degree weather = thirsty plants) and quickly make lunch.  Eat lunch while Henry dissects sewing kit.  Put Charlie down for his nap.  Grab computer.  Google “how to sew on a button.”  Directions are clear as mud.  Didn’t see the whole “use a toothpick” thing coming, but the trick did seem to work.  Successfully sew five buttons onto duvet cover.  Realize that there should be six.  Make mental note to keep an eye out for lost button.

Proudly show off handiwork to husband and son.

{Proof.  Buttons.  On duvet cover.  No, you aren’t seeing things.  A different color (albeit colors that matched the cover) was used for each button.  Don’t forget the fancy kit I was working with…}



5 thoughts on “How to sew on a button.

  1. Nice job…! It’s really not so hard…….Henry could show you, I’m sure!!!

    Looked back at the last couple of posts…..nice picture……baby bump looks good!!!

    And I love, love, love the John Deere tractor!!!! I’ll be they are both having a blast!!!!

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