Now I can start a farm.

We have another favorite to add to the list.

It’s a classic.


This weekend we picked up Henry’s “new” (to us) John Deere tractor from my grandparents (Henry’s great-grandparents.)  This timeless tractor has been carefully restored by my grandfather over the years.  Henry is now the third generation in our family to use this classic ride-on toy.  And yes, it has quickly risen to “favorite” status around our house.  It has also allowed Henry to start farming.  As in “Now that I finally have a tractor, I can start working on my farm.”  Whew.

And the fun isn’t limited to Henry.  Charlie is quite fond of the yellow and green machine and is thrilled each time his brother gives him a ride.

{Thanks to everyone for the great toy ideas.  It never ceases to amaze me how it is always the simple toys (sometimes not even “toys”) that are the perennial favorites.  And as for leaving certain things out (i.e. crayons, markers, etc.) this is a fairly new thing at our house.  We keep Charlie’s crayons up high and only bring them out when supervised, but for the most part Henry understands that we only paint/color on paper and that scissors are only for cutting paper.  Tape however, remains another story.  It is a favorite, and one piece is never enough.  I’m seriously thinking about buying a bulk pack of scotch tape at Christmas and putting it in Henry’s stocking.  More than likely it will be the hit of the day.  Ironic, but good to remember.}


3 thoughts on “Now I can start a farm.

  1. Scotch tape is a favorite stocking stuffer in our house. Every year. The kids love it! That and a huge bag of rubberbands from the office store. Do you know what all a boy can do if he has enough scotch tape and rubberbands???

    As always, I love your photos.

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