34 Weeks

The days seem to be flying by.  Before we know it, summer will come to an end which around our house has a double meaning…back to school for Henry and just a few weeks (days!) until our new baby boy joins the family.

To tell you the truth I’m really feeling this pregnancy.  I have always enjoyed being pregnant, but this time around my body is well – tired.  I’m sure it has something to do with being two years older, hot summer weather, days filled with two busy boys, and toting around one of those boys.  Anyhow, I know that my body is getting ready for the big day, and so am I.

Meanwhile, our days are filled with summertime adventures, walks, swimming, playing at the park, dinners with family and friends, end of summer festivals and parties, last-minute get-aways (me) and preparing for Charlie’s second birthday.


I have had many pregnancy and baby related conversations with Henry recently.  Most take place after his nap as we enjoy the quiet snuggle time that I have come to cherish.  It is a perfect moment when time is suspended – just me and my first baby.  We frequently read “big brother” books at bedtime, and our two favorites “Baby on the Way” and “What Baby Needs,” are pretty detailed so I knew that Henry was getting the “jest” of this whole pregnancy thing.  But no matter, his questions have become quite inquisitive and are getting much more thoughtful than any information covered in our books, leaving me to fill in the gaps.

“Mom how are you going to get the baby out?”

Oh dear.  Are we really going to have this conversation….

“Well Henry, mommy will push the baby out.”  (Simple answer, not too many details, but the truth…)

“What!  Mommy, that’s not very nice to push the baby!”

End of conversation.  Thank goodness.


“Mommy how will they put you back together after you have the baby?  Will it hurt?”

I’m not quite sure what he means by putting me back together….

“No, they won’t have to put me back together.  My body was made to get the baby out.  And yes, it will hurt a little bit, but mommy will be OK.”

long thoughtful pause…

“So does the baby come out of here?”  (pointing to my belly button.)

Oh boy here we go…

While I’ll spare you the details here, I did officially explain how the baby will make his grand entrance.  Using the “real” words and terms.  All of which were met with lots of giggles from a four-year old boy who thought his mommy was telling him the silliest thing he had every heard.  So yes, my son now knows the details.  Let’s just hope he doesn’t feel like sharing them.  On the playground.  At the grocery store…well, you get the idea.


4 thoughts on “34 Weeks

  1. lol! Too cute- I can just see him giggling at your response. Ainsley was the same way only Bennett came out of the my belly so it wasn’t as bad but we did watch “A Baby Story” a lot and I got tons of questions there. Can’t wait to “meet” your new little man! Oh and that’s how my belly looked at 25 weeks! lol.

  2. Thankfully, I will be having a C-section, so explaining childbirth to my older son will be much easier!! (I will most likely have baby #3 a couple of days after Andrew’s 4th bday.)

    You look AMAZING, by the way!! Oh, and I have always enjoyed being pregnant, too, but I fear that I am going to FEEL this one much more, too. Ugh…Makes me tired just to think about! LOL

  3. You are so tiny!! We, too have had lots of questions from a curious 3 1/2 year old regarding the entrance of his baby brother into this world. I’m afraid I dodged it with the “special opening that God gives mommies” response, which was, of course, followed immediately by, “Where is it? Can I see it?” I told him it only opens when it’s time for the baby to come out, and no, he can’t see it!!!!

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