An anniversary of sorts

One year ago today I hit the “publish” button and “Blessings and Glory” was launched.  With just a few e-mails to friends and family, I decided to go out on a limb and share our family’s experiences during Charlie’s first year of life.  Writing, I had discovered was a therapeutic way for me to work through the many life changes that we had and would continue to experience.  It allowed me to process through things in a thoughtful manner – all while documenting and preserving our precious family memories.

My intention was to simply share our story.  To look back at our first year with Charlie (his birth, diagnosis of Down syndrome and all that followed.)   I shared with Choosing Charlie and from that first post things snowballed.  Now I write to celebrate where we are today.  Honestly chronicling our daily lives – the fun, the mundane and all the in-between parts.  We have celebrated milestones, struggles, funny moments, and asked tough questions – all encompassing the wide range of little moments that capture motherhood and raising little ones.

I never imagined how many people would come into our lives via a blog.  I have had the blessing of reconnecting with many dear friends.  And I have also made many new friends – especially my dear sisters who are also walking a  journey of motherhood different than they ever imagined.  With each story shared, we celebrate and sympathize together.  I discovered that I wasn’t alone.  There were other families who were also bravely choosing the path less traveled.

One year ago I started writing.  To explain that no – we didn’t choose this new path in life.  But we did choose to embrace it, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.  Our perfectly imperfect life.

So thank you.  The outpouring of love and support has been amazing.  Humbling.  To know that our Charlie has truly touched and changed the lives of so many people.  Just by being him.

{A few fun “one year” blog facts}

As of this post we have had over 57,028 visitors

Monday, November 24, 2008 was our busiest day with 4,258 visitors

162 posts have been published

898 comments have been left by readers.

We have given away 28 books (Gifts and Road Map to Holland) to parents whose baby has either received a prenatal or postnatal diagnosis of Down syndrome through the  Sharing Our Blessings program started last November.  It has been an honor to connect with so many families and we plan to continue sharing these books with other families well into the future.  {So please help spread the word.}


16 thoughts on “An anniversary of sorts

  1. Congratulations Libby! Your blog enriches my life and I appreciate all you put in to it daily. Still hoping we’ll meet sometime soon. . .

  2. Am I the only person who went to the archives to see what Nov 24th was? Thanks for all the stories, questions, leadership and friendship – all evident in your writing.

  3. Happy Blogging Anniversary/Birthday! This post happily reminded me of how I found your blog in the first place – on Jennifer’s blog when she wrote about your Sharing Our Blessings program. I was SO inspired by that…and was so happy to be led to such a thoughtful, heartfelt blog as yours. So thankful for your blogging friendship on this journey…

  4. I have to admit I wasn’t quite sure about this blogging idea, Libby, but having experienced it for a year, I’m always amazed at your creativity and ingenuity and love. Thanks, dear Libby, for sharing your life. You’re an inspiration. Love you. Gigi

  5. Libby – Happy Anniversary! I am new to your blog, found you thru Adrienne’s, but have found myself healing in so many ways reading your entries. The tears fall as I see myself in your shoes feeling the things we don’t dare speak out loud, but your love for Charlie and the Lord is greater. God is so good! I am encouraged to know there are other Christian women out there walking in similar shoes. My Parker is 8 weeks old today and each day is a precious gift. Be blessed, I will be praying for you! Lara

  6. I think I found you the same day Katie did, but whenever it was I was intrigued from the beginning. I nannied a little girl with Down Syndrome when I was in college and loved her and her family dearly. I haven’t talked to her family in years, but Audrey is 16 now.

    You are a special mama with a special family, and I love reading your words. Happy One Year. Here’s to many more!

  7. I am one of your blog followers that received one of the copies of Road Map to Holland…You were one of the first gals I connected with…I have truly enjoyed reading your blog! You are a beautiful writer! Thanks for sharing so many inspiring stories…your daily life has helped me in more ways than you know…:)

  8. You’ve always been a precious blessing, Libby. Your blog is a wonderful, meaningful way to connect with you and your dear family, and that’s such a gift. Thank you for sharing your life so openly and honestly. You are an inspiration! Love, MB

  9. Happy Anniversary, I joined your blog just a short couple of weeks ago. I was inspired by many blogs including yours and I just started my own too. Partly for a memory sake and also because as you said I find it to be quite healing. Charlie is a cuttie…

  10. Yay! I am only sad that I just found your blog a couple of months ago.

    But I am glad that I found it now! Especially considering the news I got yesterday morning… :) :) :)

  11. I came over from MckMama’s too, and was instantly hooked on your writing and completely smitten by Charlie and love laughing at Henry stories.
    Keep writing, I love your blog!

  12. Happy Blogging Anniversary!!! Isn’t it cool to reflect on how things have changed and grown???

    I’m glad I stumbled onto your blog and count you as a new friend that I share this amazing trip of motherhood thru a different set of eyes…..our sons w/Down Syndrome!!!

  13. Libby Congratulations on your anniversary. This has been a great tool for healing and joy for the whole family. I’m proud of you as a Mom and as a writer – you have a gift in both areas. Love, Dad PS This is my first comment!

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