A Toddler

We have a toddler in our house.  {His name is Charlie, he’s pretty cute and he’s almost 23 months!}

We have a toddler.  One who has learned how to climb and reach.  {Utilizing newly learned gross motor skills.}

A toddler, who wants to check things out from every vantage point.  {To practice both climbing and crawling – together.}

A toddler, that enjoys making a good mess.  {Exploring his environment.}

A toddler, who is curious.  {Let’s open up this drawer or that cupboard and find out what’s inside.}

A toddler, who is learning and reaching new milestones at a record pace.  {Eating with utensils, using new signs (and initiating signs), walking with assistance, cruising, crawling, climbing up stairs…}

A toddler, who is having a good time.  {And so are we.  It’s true – I’m loving each and every mess and adventure.  I don’t mind picking up the toys just one more time or keeping all of the blinds in the house at half-mast, because it means that you have arrived at yet another big milestone.  Each one hard earned and worth celebrating.}

For my memory {which is rapidly fading…}

Let’s just go ahead and call you Mr. Personality.  You love to play with your big brother and move around quickly keeping up with his various activities around the house.  Your sense of humor is spot on, and your laugh and smile are contagious.  And while I’m so proud of your advancing communication and motor skills, my favorite trait is that you are still a snuggle bug.

You can now sign the following words and names:  more, milk, eat, cup, all done, please, play, ball, bye-bye {hello}, bath time, dada, mama, Henry, pop-pop, nana, Jimmy…I just know there are more…the best part is that you are initiating signs.  You crawl over to the fridge and sign “milk” and “please” until you see us pouring your drink.

You speak the words “up,” “all done” and “bye-bye.”  When asked what a doggie says you respond: “woof woof.”  We are currently working on “moo.”

What you are eating:

Breakfast – scrambled eggs, half a banana.

Lunch – raspberries and/or blueberries, peaches, bites of cheese {this is new} peanut butter and jelly sandwich {with our new freezer jam} or leftovers from dinner.

Dinner – whatever we are eating – salmon or chicken or pasta or steak, avocado, more fruit, {watermelon, cantaloupe, etc.} and some veggies.

Whole milk is your favorite drink of choice.

You are just starting to snack in between meals – cheerios, homemade banana muffins, or bran muffins, and the occasional bunny graham cracker.


11 thoughts on “A Toddler

  1. I love your blog. Charlie seems to be achieving his milestones nicely. My daughter Donna has DS too. She is four years old and just started walking a few months ago. We are so thrilled. (Her muscle tone is low, but her therapists are absolutely fantastic and tireless in their efforts.) I always enjoy checking out your blog to see how little Charlie is doing. Best of luck with everything.

  2. Libby, thanks for sharing all the details. I absolutely soak it all in. I can’t wait to start sharing milestones with you! Glad to see you are appreciating every moment!

  3. he is so precious. go charlie go! and i love all the places he’s been! i can’t wait for my maya to stand, pull up, climb, and get into places like that.

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