Eight years.  Today.

We look so young.  We were.

Today, we celebrate grace and forgiveness and each moment spent together on this wonderful journey. We celebrate what was before, when life together was new and all about us. We celebrate what is now, those sometime blurry days with kids and work, our family and friends, sit-down dinners with our own growing family and evenings filled with “please tuck me in – again” requests.  And we celebrate what will be, the future that always seems far off, but will be here before we know it.  We celebrate because this life we have now – beautiful, messy, joyful and unexpected – is lovely and imperfect.  What more could a bride ask for?


12 thoughts on “Eight

  1. Happy anniversary!! My husband and I will celebrate nine years this November. I agree that we sure did look young in our pictures, too. Motherhood has a way of making you look and feel old sometimes! :)

  2. Happy Anniversary from the MOH!!!! On one hand, it was so long ago, on the other it feels like yesterday. I love you both very much!

  3. Happy Anniversary Dear Friends!!! Again, beautifully written post. Oh, and I feel like you two haven’t aged a DAY! Not fair!!! oxoxo love you

  4. I can somehow remember your wedding and reception like it was yesterday! Maybe it was Cheryl sleeping in her brother’s front lawn…, or the practicing of “The Toast” on the putting green with all the Kappa gals, or the cute centerpiece I got to bring home, but what a gorgeous night! Happy Anniversary!

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