27 Weeks

That’s funny, I’m really starting to feel pregnant.  And I can hardly believe that the third trimester is right around the corner.  I think Charlie is in denial too.  This is his typical reaction when the subject of a new baby brother is mentioned.  (OK, that and it’s his favorite face to make while looking in the mirror…)

This kid is a mover and a shaker (baby #3, not Charlie – though he too is moving/cruising and yes even crawling everywhere...)  I’ve been able to feel him swimming?/kicking?/punching? his way around since 14ish weeks – about the same time I started to feel the baby flutters of Charlie.  My doc said that with subsequent pregnancies I’m just more “in tune” with my body and know what to expect.  Seems to be the same thing with Braxton Hicks contractions – I’ve been having those regularly since 20 weeks.

And then there is that whole shooting back pain thing.  I had back pain while carrying both Henry and Charlie, but I  seem to have conveniently forgotten that part.  I guess that old saying about forgetting any of the painful or uncomfortable parts of pregnancy is true.  No, it’s not logical.  (But then is there really anything logical about having and raising kiddos – especially multiple children?  Or three kids four and under?  Another subject altogether I suppose.)

Yet I’m still loving every minute of this pregnancy.  Seriously.  Even though this kid has happily settled himself right on my sciatic nerve.  I guess you could say he is already getting on my nerves.  OK, bad pun yes, but I really need to try to make light of it because the random shooting pain almost brings me to my knees.  At the worst times.

Typically when I’m carrying this guy.  Which I kinda do.  A lot.

My other baby.  Again, a whole other discussion.  Seems it’s just my belly that’s growing as I’m still waiting for that third arm to make an appearance.  However, I am comforted by the fact that when baby boy #3 makes his debut I’ll be able to start rocking the Ergo baby carrier again.  Thank goodness.

Oh yeah – the official belly shot of the week…


5 thoughts on “27 Weeks

  1. Wow! You’ve got a full plate! I look forward to continuing to follow your journey (both figuratively and literally!).

    You look amazing!

  2. Wow – your pregnancy is flying by for me – it seems like you just shared the news yesterday :-)! I’m so happy you’re enjoying this pregnancy so much – even with sciatica issues – ouch.

    PS Charlie is the cutest in stripes.

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