25 weeks


Yup.  We even have an updated shot of our little guy to prove it.  Apparently this is the much clearer profile shot the doctor and ultrasound tech were looking for.  I’ll take their word for it – I think it looks like his head is floating, but they assured me that all is attached and as it should be.

Baby 3020

And yes, my belly is still growing.  I’m even starting to waddle by the end of the day.

(Check out the clean bathroom mirror…no drool this time…)

A few things worth noting at this stage of the game:

1.  Now that I’m clearly pregnant (way past that awkward “Is she or isn’t she?” stage) I’m starting to get some funny looks and comments when toting Charlie around.  The most common look says it all “Doesn’t she get how that whole thing works?  If you know what I mean… After all, Charlie does look smaller than your average almost 22 month old boy, and yes – I do have to tote him around.  He isn’t walking yet, so that does add fuel to the commonly asked question that I’m asked when I’m out with both Henry and Charlie.  “So, Charlie is how old?  And Henry?  Wait, when are you due?”  Yes, I will have three boys under the age of four come September.  I’m well aware of the situation, and yes, even I get a kick out of it.  Thanks.

2.  Logistics.  The weeks are only going to go faster as summer goes by.  We still have some things to figure out…sleeping arrangements, car seats, strollers, how to maintain my sanity, etc.

3.  No, he doesn’t have a name yet.

4.  I have to say, I’m truly enjoying this stage of pregnancy.  I’ll get back to you in a few weeks when it has consistately been over 100 degrees outside.


3 thoughts on “25 weeks

  1. Gorgeous picture!
    I think your days are numbered as far as toting Charlie around, that boy is going to walk soon! What’s better, chasing a toddler or carrying him around? I think you back is going to hurt regardless. :) Also, you just let me know if I can add to your baby gear…I’ve got lots to loan…

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