Capturing Memories

While it may seem as though I have fallen off the face of the earth, I actually just changed my position on the earth for a while.  And yes, for almost two weeks I was without e-mail, internet, or my own cell phone.  Amazingly enough, life went on quite smoothly.  The result of a life unplugged included plenty of time to linger – enjoying meals (many), conversations (continuous), laughter, tears, adventures and my 30th birthday celebration with the dearest of friends.  All of this took place while Henry and Charlie enjoyed a “vacation” – with Nana and Pop-pop at home.  (Though I’m sure that Nana and Pop-pop could use a vacation of their own at this point…)

Where were we?  Alex and I spent ten eight wonderful days (two of the ten days were spent on various airplanes) in Austria (Vienna and Graz) and the Czech Republic (Prague.)  Each day was filled to the brim with wonderful memories.  Countless moments spent with incredible friends – each adding up to one unforgettable experience.  (So wonderful that even missing luggage didn’t put a damper on things.  And don’t you know – it’s so European cool to wear the same clothes for days and even borrow undies!)

I’m not entirely sure how to sum up so many beautiful memories.  If there is such a thing as a perfect trip then this one takes the cake.  Days carefully planned by our gracious hosts, tour guides, and lovely travel buddies.  Four dear friends.

I think I’ll take H’s lead, and let the pictures do the talking.  (She has some great photos of our trip on her blog as well – I’ll do my best not to duplicate, but there are just some worth seeing twice.)  Yes, this is the edited down version.  You can thank me later for not sharing the over 1,000 “memories” that were captured.  And yes, my belly grew significantly in the last two weeks.  I’m sticking with my theory that the baby had a *huge* growth spurt on the trip.  It most certainly had nothing to do with the loaf(s) of bread I ate at every meal.  Or the gelato, many desserts, weinerschnitzel, cheese…

(Don’t panic, it’s a non-alcoholic beer.)

Thank you friends.  We miss you terribly H and K and we love all of our travel buddies.


5 thoughts on “Capturing Memories

  1. Love your pics. Prague looks gorgeous as ever. Look forward to hearing more about your adventures! Miss you way too much. Thank you for the time we shared — such a treasure!!! oxoxo

  2. Looks like a fabulous trip! So glad that you guys took the opportunity to do it before baby #3 makes his debut! I especially love the shot at the main square in Prague. Isn’t that one of the most beautiful areas ever?

  3. WOW WOW WOW!!! You are some lucky parents to get to venture off like that. What a fantastic looking trip. And I did laugh at the pic of you holding a beer! :)

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