Go figure

This may well be my first blogging dry spell.  Don’t misunderstand – I have plenty to write about.  But the weather is gorgeous, and I haven’t been able to resist the tug of playing outside with my boys.

Let’s see…Sunshine, a light breeze, laughing with my boys, occasionally hosting friends for dinner, reading a book, OR computer time?  That’s an easy one for me.

Go figure.

Last week I HAD IT with Charlie’s reflux and marched ourselves down to the pediatrician’s office.  Yes, he should have outgrown it by now.  No, it isn’t – behavioral.  No, it isn’t effecting his growth or attitude.  No, it happens even a few hours after a bottle/meal/snack.  No, it doesn’t matter if he is moving around or sitting.  No, I’m not too interested in starting up the meds that have (A) never been tested for little kiddos (B) have no-fun side effects and (C) never really worked when we tried them a year ago.  Yes, I am worried about the long-term effects of the reflux itself.  But no, we didn’t leave with a new plan.  Yes, it is frustrating (and bad for the carpets at home), but “let’s continue to wait and see.”  Until his two year check-up.  Then, I’m talking business.

Charlie didn’t spit up for three days.

Go figure.

Feeling bold, I had the carpet cleaners come out today.

Charlie’s reflux is back.

Go figure.

This darling new photo of Henry isn’t even one that I took.  (OK, you got me on a technicality – I did take a picture of the picture….)

(My camera has been safely collecting dust on the kitchen counter.)  Instead it was brought home as a school fund-raising project.  Complete with a custom frame created by Henry.  (During his “darker” art period.)

Go figure.

Today I really should be packing, doing laundry, and getting organized.

Instead I’m happily blogging, baking, and chatting on the phone with friends.

Go figure.


3 thoughts on “Go figure

  1. I hope you get some reflux answers. The benefit of him being on meds are much more minute than the harm that can be done by the acid, which is not reversible. It sucks, I know. We are there too.

  2. Sorry to hear about Charlie’s reflux. I too have found it difficult to blog with this wonderful weather! And, it’s going to get even better!!! It’s ok – everyone understands. They’re only little once.

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