The big 0-4

Last week Henry was counting down the days until the big day.

His birthday.  His fourth birthday.

“Only four more days until my birthday!”  Or, “The day after tomorrow is my birthday!”

And then it was finally his birthday.  “Happy birthday Henry!”

“Mom, it’s not my birthday until I blow out the candles on my cake!”


And then there was the cake.  “I want a golfing cake.”  Sounds easy enough…white cake, some green frosting on top (for the green), add pin (you know – the flag), a golf ball, and tada! This is the point in which most mothers would use good judgement and call the local cake shop.  I’m no such mother.  My child’s cakes will be homemade darn it!  Never mind that the decorating requests are only bound to get more difficult as the years progress.

When I was tucking Henry into bed that evening (after wonderful celebration with friends and family filling the house) I asked him what some of his favorite memories of the day were.  “I had fun eating at my new picnic table.  I loved my new bug vacuum.  And my cowboy boots.  Actually, I liked all my presents.  But mom, next year when you make a golfing cake can you please add a sand trap?  And some water.  But don’t forget the golf cart too!”

Ahh, to be four…


6 thoughts on “The big 0-4

  1. Pretty impressed with the cake Lib!! Looks like you took lessons straight out of Grandma Lois’s birthday cake book. seriously…she has a book!

  2. Micah saw these pictures and said excitedly, “Is that Henry’s birthday?! . . . With a flag on top??!!” Then he yelled, “Happy Birthday, Henry!!” Henry – hope you heard that 120 miles away. Hope it was a great day!

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