Making Memories

Last week my mom suggested we “get out of town” for a couple of days.  The plan worked for us, as last Thursday and Friday were also conference days (no school) for Henry.  That, and we all know how much Henry loves to take a vacation.  You know, to get away from the everyday stresses of preschool life.

We had two fun-filled days in Seattle without much of an agenda.  The boys behaved so well – no matter if we were eating out {again}, hanging out in the hotel room, shopping, or just exploring.  We even spent an afternoon at REI picking out a new bike for Henry.  He was in heaven as he helped assemble his bike in the bike shop and then rode his new wheels around the store.  And yes, all while the camera was safe inside the car.

While some of the special moments may have been lost on the boys – like eating breakfast in the Georgian room {filled with men in business suits, until we arrived.}  They definitely knew that this was a special trip when the warm cookies and milk were delivered to the room before bed.  Or discovering the luxury of hanging out in a bathrobe that is just your size after bath time.  And getting to read as many stories as you want before bed.

Henry as usual put it best.  “I really liked staying at that kid hotel.”

Of course I did my best to capture our “memories in the making.”  I just knew that my favorite photos would be of the two boys snuggled up on the bed wearing their own bathrobes.



Darling photos yes, but I couldn’t figure out why they looked so grainy and fuzzy.  Granted I wasn’t using the “big” camera, but typically our point and shoot is pretty reliable.

Then I realized why our photos looked a bit greasy.  They were.  Earlier that evening I let Henry play with the camera after he finished his greasy dinner.  {Yes, there are multiple burgers on that plate – four actually.  No, he only ate part of one.  No, I didn’t realize I was ordering enough food for multiple children, I obviously made an incorrect assumption about the kids menu.}  Thus ended the “why do those photos look so blurry?” question.  Because well, the camera was indeed greasy and very much in need of a good cleaning.  Mystery solved.  Memories made.


6 thoughts on “Making Memories

  1. LOOOVE those pics and the back story, but mostly those two precious boys! They are growing up soooo fast! I can’t believe how mature Henry looks!!!! oxoxo

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