Sunshine and onesies.

A few of my favorite {spring} things.

Lazy afternoons filled with sunshine.  Weather warm enough to wear just a onesie and babylegs.  {For Charlie of course!}  Playing outside.  Wiggling your toes in the grass.  {Even though you’re still not sure about it.}  Making funny faces.  “Gardening.”  Not worrying about what’s for dinner.  Reading books on the front lawn.  {Chika Chika Boom Boom.}

So happy.  Proud.  Blessed.  And filled with love.

Two boys.  One momma.  A heart bursting with joy.

A moment captured.


6 thoughts on “Sunshine and onesies.

  1. Seriously, too cute! I’m so excited about getting these little babylegs for Bennett! I would have been all over them for the girls but they didn’t have them when they were crawling all around:( Or at least I didn’t know about them- probably a good thing, we’d have 50 pink, polka dot babylegs hanging around! Your boys are darling! Hope you’re feeling good!

  2. Hi Libby,

    It’s been a while since I’ve visited. Charlie is such a honey-bunny. We’re currently waiting to be matched with or second baby through adoption and have been contemplating being open to a child with Down syndrome. We know that if it happened unexpectedly we would have no problem accepting our child, but we’re unsure of putting ourselves out there and claiming to be ready or capable to deal with the challenges.

    It’s just really helpful to read your stories and have a glimpse of what your life is like. The medical concerns worry me, the developmental delays do not. “What you mean the baby stage is extended beyond a year? Oh, too bad.” Amanda started crawling so early; it would be nice to have a little time to enjoy a baby who stays put!

    Thanks for sharing your life,


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