I have two boys.

Two sons.

My oldest.  Henry.  He entertains and teaches me each day.  Independently social, is but one way to describe our sweet almost 4-year-old boy.  Forever embracing every moment life has to offer, he is inquisitive, social, loving, quirky, talkative, passionate, curious, charismatic, athletic, coordinated, funny, and charming.  He is my first-born who has grown-up so quickly.  He gave me a mother’s heart.

Charlie.  My second son.  He has taught me more about life in 19-months than anyone else in my 29 years.  My heart has been stretched by him – and filled with only love.  I have no doubt he was the perfect second child for our family.  There are many ways to describe our Charlie “choo-choo.”  His smile, blowing raspberries, babbling that is almost song-like, signing, sparkling blue eyes, laughter, snuggler, patient, happy, big-brother admirer (and wanna-be orange goggle wearer.)  He is love.

Each son has left his footprint around our house.

And in their mother’s heart.

Which makes it all the more exciting to welcome our third son into the family.

I have three boys.

Three sons.


16 thoughts on “I have two boys.

  1. Congratulations on your newest little one. I am looking forward to seeing pictures of him when he comes into the world!

  2. Perfect! Just Perfect! What exciting news… 3 darling boys… boys just love their Mamas… aren’t you rich!?! Hugs, M.

  3. Three boys!! I thought you were going to end the post with the third being a girl! LOL I have two girls and was hoping for a third, but the third is a boy! We are in a whole new ball game now!

  4. Libs, that is so exciting! What is it with the WV girls and their boys?!? Roberta had her twins on Tuesday (of course, boys)!! Lots of love to you and your family. The best news is that now you stay the PRINCESS of the family! Take care, Becki

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