While this was a mostly quiet weekend, my mind has been busy.  Always, I come back to my Jesus, and find myself in conversation with him.  Recently, I’ve spent some time dwelling in a gray area.  But I keep coming back to the Truth.  While the ways of this world want us to believe that “gray is good,” I realize we have been deceived.  I have been deceived.

Don’t worry – I’m not trying to get all deep and religious on you.  I guess my point on this Easter evening is that we can search high and low to find a “truth” that fits with what we want to believe.  It can start small.  What we read, or watch on tv.  (The violence, sex, sarcasm, doesn’t effect me.)  How we treat one another.  Then there are the big choices.  A divorce would be best.  I couldn’t possibly handle a special needs child.  This particular God fits my beliefs.

In our world, we call ourselves enlightened.  We encourage one another to believe what we want to believe.  We shouldn’t have to be uncomfortable, rather pleasantly numb.  Just do what feels right for you.

That doesn’t make it the Truth.

As of late I’ve taken a good look at my faith and how it reflects in all aspects of my life.  In my marriage.  Raising two sons, especially one with special needs has caused me to question the ways of this world.  And the ways of our God.  There have been times in my life when the (easy?, obvious?) solution would have been to turn my back to the Lord.  (Um hello, – delivery room surprise!)  Yet if I decide that I no longer believe in something, that doesn’t make it not true.

Certainly there are “ouch” moments (and valleys) in life.  Just as there are periods of smooth sailing.  And there are times when I want to bend the laws that He has given to guide us.  Often when I’m uncomfortable or feeling stretched.  When I just want a “little bit” of Jesus in my life – not the “whole package.”  But yet I realize that I’m a part of something much bigger.  That there is a greater purpose and plan than I could ever imagine.  That quite possibly I may not know what is best and that He knows me better than I know myself.

In life my circumstances will change – and not always the way I plan.  But just because my circumstances change, doesn’t mean that the Lord of the Universe has.  No matter what I choose to believe – His Truth remains the same.

I realize that while this may have been an “aha” moment for me, it may not have been for you.  Perhaps I’m coming down from an Easter sugar high.  No matter – Today and always I choose to praise the One who died and rose again.  Who has saved me from my sins.  Who has forgiven me.  The One who is the one way, the Truth, and the light.

{For my memory.  Our Easter.}

Today we woke up to an excited Henry who couldn’t wait to see what the Easter bunny had left for him.  After opening the contents of his basket, he generously opened up Charlie’s “because he asked me to.”

After church (dressed in our Easter best) we headed over to Nana and Pop-pop’s for an egg hunt and brunch.  Henry enthusiastically hunted down each egg (whew!  Some were “real”) and then went to work using he new weed-whacker (with a new pair of orange goggles) that the Easter bunny had brought to Nana and Pop-pop’s house – what luck!  Charlie spent some time trying out his new toy before taking off and exploring (scoot, crawl, roll…) and finally taking a rest.

When everyone was gathered at the table for brunch, Henry shared the Easter story using the mini props that he had brought home from Sunday school.  The “kit” included a miniature donkey, stone, cross, rooster, leather whip, cracker, wine glass, white cloth, and nail.  Henry went through the kit explaining what each part symbolized.  “This is the stone that rolled away and they saw that Jesus had risen!  This is the rooster that went cockadoodle-doo three times.”  But my personal favorite was his description of the wine glass.  “This is the wine glass that Jesus drank from – because it made him feel better.”  Henry then headed out again to do some yard work.  After putting his navy-blue blazer back on.  Of course.


2 thoughts on “Easter

  1. Great post Libby! I am SO thankful for TRUTH that does not change- no matter what I believe or wish to be true.
    AND the pic of charlie on the carpet is too sweet!
    *hugs* -Diana

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