Just when you think

I couldn’t get any cuter.

I go and get a sweet new haircut.

That makes me look like a big boy.

Shows off my stunning profile.

And quite possibly makes me look even cuter.


11 thoughts on “Just when you think

  1. Be still my heart! I can’t wait to show Vivian these photos of you in the morning, Charlie! I have no doubt she’ll be throwing kisses your way, handsome boy!

    (PS I am totally on the fence regarding what to do with Viv’s hair – she won’t keep a clip in for more than 2 minutes – but her hair is looking a bit “mullety” shall we say…oy!)

    (PPS – Libby, I didn’t order fries with my Big Mac. That was my version of “self control.” :-))

  2. I just found your blog through the Ds board on BBC. Your boys are sooo cute!!! I’m a Christian mom, too. We have six children and our youngest son (2 1/2mos.) has Ds. Love Charlie’s new ‘do!

  3. Wow! This can’t be the first day after the haircut. It looks good, and every guy knows that haircuts (for guys) look terrible on the first day.
    Tell Charlie I say hi :)

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