Spring? Break?

Last week was Henry’s first official spring break and according to him, “You are supposed to go somewhere on spring break.  You know, get out of town.”  Probably to leave all of the stresses of three-year-old life behind, if just for a quick break.  Or something like that.

Following the wisdom of my son – coupled with the fact that we had been in town for eight days straight – we were just itching for an adventure.  That, and I really needed some new maternity jeans.  Seems as though the days of zippers and buttons are a thing of the past.  And our couch needed new throw pillows.  And the boys needed new shoes.  So yes, I suppose there was a bit of motivation beyond Henry’s “need” to go somewhere.  I packed up the boys (snow, avalanche control, pass closures – no big deal) and headed to Seattle for a two day mini-vacation.

We were spoiled – spending two days with family that Henry and Charlie adore (as do I.)  Even better, my two sweet (loving, responsible, fun, darling…) cousins accompanied us to the Seattle Children’s Museum and were attentive to Henry and Charlie’s every need as we worked our way through the exhibits.  If I could somehow figure out how to get Hallie and Anna to live full-time with us I would do it.  I’m now totally sold on the full-time nanny thing, and two?  Even better!


Charlie exploring the Curious George part of the museum.  Big brother Henry grocery shopping.


Henry loved the hardware store part of the museum.  Maybe it runs in his blood?

While it was definitely not “spring” last week.  Snow in April?  Nor would I really call it much of a “break” we did indeed have a fantastic week full of adventures, both in and out of town.  Multiple trips to the park.  Bike rides.  Picnic lunches. Golf.  And lazy mornings.  It was a week of precious time together.  And that is what I will remember.


3 thoughts on “Spring? Break?

  1. Thanks for all those high compliments! Anna and I had a blast hanging out with you and the boys (and we would totally take the job if school could just disappear for a little while). Hope to see you again soon!

  2. I am so glad you were able to “you know, get out of town” for a fun getaway and visit with family! I just love reading about the things your Sweet Henry says!

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