Skiing, sunshine and snow.

15 of the last 35 days we have been out of town.  This last weekend wrapped up our whirlwind of fantastic weekend adventures with the kids, family, and friends.  Last Thursday we headed up the mountain to stay for an extended weekend with friends.  We had days of laughter, good conversation, snow, sunshine, rain, happy kids, crying kids, and games.  I won’t go into the details as to just how many cookies “may” have been consumed, or exactly how many coolers and bags of food were packed.  Just know that sweats and fleece were the standard uniform (as were pajamas.)

It was a weekend perfect for relaxing.  You know – the kind of relaxing weekend with six adults and five kids under age four all staying together.  And believe it or not we were all still talking by the end of the weekend – even thinking about our next trip…

Thank you friends (again) for yet another fun weekend together – we are blessed.


The kiddos.  Jack, Henry, Charlie, Madison and Riley.  Buddies Jack and Charlie.


Henry skied three mornings in a row.  He mastered the “pizza wedge” and turning – navigating his way through the cones like a pro!


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