A bit of this, a little of that and a big celebration

If it seems like I haven’t been around much (around town or blogging) it’s probably because I haven’t been.  Literally.  We have been gone the last four weekends and are planning *just* one more ski weekend away.  It’s been a blessing to stay busy these last few weeks because I’ve needed to be busy.  I will eventually elaborate – but if you can believe it – the words just aren’t flowing right now.  Ironic isn’t it?  Based a majority of my posts you’d think I was paid by the word.  (But alas I’m not paid, just wordy.)

But don’t worry.  Just yesterday I was telling Alex how incredibly lucky we are.  Our adventures have included family and friends.  And three out of four weekends we have had family help with the boys.  Our first weekend away in this recent run was spent in Seattle – a night out on the town with my hubby – staying at the Fairmont (shout out to Angie!) with dinner at Union, and breakfast at Lola.  I’m pretty sure we ate our way through the city in 24 hours – it was such a treat!  The best part was knowing that the boys were having the time of their lives with an adoring fan club – my cousins Hallie and Anna, and Aunt Maribeth and Uncle Larry, who all happen to reside in Seattle and love to spend time with the boys.  Sunday, after picking up the boys, we went to the Pacific Science Center for the afternoon.  Henry had a blast, even though most of the displays were designed for grade-school kids.  Next time we will check out the Children’s Museum (Hello Curious George!)

The next weekend was our getaway with friends to Park City, which was fantastic.  And then the following weekend was spent skiing together as a family.  Henry officially mastered the “pizza-wedge” on skis.  Whew!  Fast-forward to this last weekend, my mom – bless you Nana – (and Pop-Pop too!) offered to watch the boys again so we could head back to Seattle for my dear friend Jaclyn’s 30th birthday celebration.  (Did I mention that we are spoiled in the child-care department?  What makes it even better is that Henry and Charlie love these specials sleepovers!)

But back to our most recent weekend – the one where we celebrated Jaclyn.  It was a great party filled with friends all celebrating one fantastic gal.  And if the green doesn’t give it away, there was a bit of an Irish “theme” that evening.  Thanks for hosting us Kristin and Wes, and thanks to Bob and Gayle for making sure we were well fed!  We had a wonderful time.


Sunday had a different theme.  While Saturday may have been all about green, yesterday was all about the white stuff – and lots of it.  Our simple two-hour drive home turned into a five-hour adventure.  (Avalanche control, slow traffic, and not a snowplow in sight…)


Today we are back in our Monday routine.  No theme colors, parties, or snow – just plenty of snuggle time from Charlie and hilarious conversations with Henry.  What more could you ask for?


One thought on “A bit of this, a little of that and a big celebration

  1. Been MIA for a while. Just wanted to say the “tickle” hummus story made me LOL!!! So adorable.
    Charlie is looking as gorgeous as ever.
    HUGE Congratulations on the new addition coming to the family!!!!

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