Henry Says…

Henry certainly says the the funniest things.  Not that his sense of humor is anything new – nor are his clever insights – but he has had some note-worthy and thoughtful moments in the last few days.  They aren’t necessarily quick or witty comments, but they are moments that I want to remember because they provide such great insight into the life of my darling three year old son.


While driving to school.

“Mom!  That looks like a Christmas tree!”

The pine tree that we were driving by did indeed look “Christmas-y.”

“It sure does Henry.”

“Why do you think they left their tree outside?  Don’t they know that you are supposed to pack up your Christmas tree in a box for the next year?  That’s so silly that they left it outside!”

Yes, Henry – that’s so silly.

Oh dear, maybe this will be the year that we finally have to have “the talk” about where Christmas trees come from.


Yesterday I watched my friend Andrea’s darling four-month old son Jackson for a few hours.  Charlie and I played with Jack in the morning and then I loaded them up to get Henry from school.  I decided that this was a great day to “practice” and get a glimpse of what life with three little ones will look like.  Even I was surprised at how smoothly I was able to maneuver pick-up (getting the two babies out of the car, stroller out for Jack (still in his car seat), carry Charlie, and walk into the school to get Henry.  Whew!)

Henry was beyond thrilled to introduce Jack to all of his friends.  “This is my friend baby Jackson.  He’s coming over to our house for a play date!”

We settled back into the car with the three boys straight across the backseat and headed home.  This is always a tricky time of day for us (everyone is hungry for lunch, Charlie is ready for his nap and so is Henry.)  It’s a crazy hour.  Yet, I was curious to see how the boys would react to having a baby around. Charlie was in love – he “talked” to Jack, smiled and squealed in delight at his new friend.  Jack however, wasn’t quite so sure, as it was his nap time too.  Big brother Henry stepped in to help.

“Chipmunk, baby Jackson!  Chipmunk!”

Jackson didn’t find Henry’s choice of words to be particularly funny and dissolved into tears.

“Mom, why doesn’t Jackson like the word Chipmunk?  It’s Charlie’s happy word!”

Chipmunk is indeed Charlie’s happy word.  If he is fussy the mere mention of the word “Chipmunk!” brings out a laugh (Henry too.)

“Maybe Jackson has another happy word Henry.  Why don’t you try singing to him?”

“I don’t know, this is not going well.”

Back at home, my first task was to get Jackson down for his nap.  I’m pretty sure the little guy was overwhelmed by Charlie’s squeals of delight, the repeated use of the word “chipmunk” and just wanted his nap already.  After only a few minutes, he was sound asleep.

I came back out to the kitchen to make Henry and Charlie lunch.  Henry announced:

“Well that was exhausting!

Can’t wait to see how he reacts to a more permanent baby around the house…


After eating ALL of his dinner:

“Can I have dessert now?”

“Sure Henry.”  I assumed that he was reaching into the freezer to grab his “yummy” Rice Dream ice cream.

“I’m going to have a mini bagel for dessert – with hummus.”  He proceeds to grab a mini bagel, the container of hummus, a cutting board, and “spreader.”

Mmm…wouldn’t be my dessert choice, but I’m certainly not going to argue with it.

“Uncle Andy (who had joined us for dinner), would you like me to make you one?”  Henry asked.

“No thanks Henry.  But what does hummus on a bagel taste like?”

Without hesitation, Henry responded.

“It’s so good.  It tastes like a tickle.”

(I think I love this entire conversation – not just becuase of the funny comment, but becuase it provedes an idea of what an adventerous eater Henry is.  It warms my mommy heart to hear him ask for a snack “apple slices please” or “can we please have salmon and not chicken tonight?”


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