18 Months

dsc_0102Charlie had his 18-month check-up yesterday.  The doctor couldn’t believe that this was the same baby we checked into the hospital one year ago.  Needless to say, Charlie has outdone himself in the gaining weight department – compare 22 lbs. 11 ounces to only 10 lbs. one year ago.  It was an uneventful check-up and our pediatrician was pleased with his progress.

The appointment marked a bit of progression for me too.  I went in with just my baby boy and purse.  I left my binders of research, questions and charts a home (truly, I’m sure we were quite a site at previous visits.)  Granted, the first year marked a steep learning curve, but it was refreshing to have a “normal” visit to the doctor.

For my memory:

Charlie’s official 18-month stats:

22 lbs. 11 ounces

30 inches long


Your favorite foods:  scrambled eggs for breakfast, yogurt mixed with peaches or strawberries, applesauce, bananas, grilled cheese sandwiches, graham crackers, pasta with veggies and any sort of bread product.  You have whatever we eat for dinner – salmon, spaghetti, tacos, risotto, rice, chicken – really there is very little you don’t like.  Tuna is on your bad list.  So is cheese (unless it’s grilled.)  Your drink of choice is 2 ounces of plain soy milk mixed with 2 ounces of whole milk.

Conversations:  you can sign milk, dada, mama, all done, and more (please.)  You love to clap, wave bye-bye, show us that you are “so big”, or “ta-da.”  You shake your head “no-no” which causes us all to laugh out loud.  And you love to have a shouting match with mommy – “aaah!”  “AAAHHH!” Back and forth.  You win every time.

Playtime:  You are now starting to commando crawl.  That mixed with your efficient rolling allows you to get wherever you need to go in no time.  You can pull to kneeling and pull to stand, but more often than not, you prefer to sit and play with your toys.  You haven’t met a magazine that you haven’t enjoyed tearing apart and you are now into reading (eating, turning pages, pointing) your board books.  Your favorite games are playing catch, putting things into and taking them out of a container, and trying to play with any toys that big brother Henry may have left out.

Sleepy-time:  You are an amazing sleeper.  You take a three hour nap every afternoon and sleep from 7 p.m. to 7 a.m. every night.  You have spoiled me.

You have one tooth (though the dentist – yes, you have already been to the dentist – said that it looks like the rest are on their way, which would explain the serious drooling.)  Your hair is blond, with the slightest hint of red, and is baby-fine.  You are the best snuggler, love to give kisses and your smile is contagious.  Everywhere we go people are drawn to you sweet baby boy.  I love you.


13 thoughts on “18 Months

  1. He looks so cute in those pictures! I love how you left yourself a little memory record. It will be so important later down the road. I’m always look back through our blog for things. I’m thrilled to hear things are going well and that Charlie is going commando!!!!

  2. what a sweet post. Happy 1.5 birthday. I didn’t realize that he is just slightly younger than my daughter, Lauren. I know what you mean about not needing to lug around all of the data anymore..now, it’s just Lauren. Her health speaks for itseld, just as Charlie’s does – and he is gorgeous.

  3. Libs, great post! It also shows that all of your hard work, chart carrying, question asking, etc. has helped establish what is BEST for Charlie.

  4. Wow Libby, you and Charlie have had an amazing 18 month journey. Cheers to you both and cheers for “normal” visits to the doctor!
    Uncle Jim

  5. OK, your kiddos are adorable. I mean, so adorable that if they make my heart ache. Yay for an awesome 18 mos check-up! I just found your blog and have read it all.. must say I love it… and I love how amazingly well equipped you are. Praying for an awesome, healthy, uneventful pregnancy.

    CeCe Garrett


  6. Happy 18 Months Charlie! And congrats on having a “normal” doctor visit. I wish Charlie many many more “normal” well checks in the future! Great job, mama!

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