Catching Up

I’m behind.  The laundry is piled sky high.  Toys are all over the house (which I suppose isn’t that unusual.)  I have phone calls and e-mails to return.  And it’s been almost a week since I’ve been to the mailbox (sorry Mr. Postman – good thing it’s locked.)

But Libby, this certainly doesn’t sound like you. (I’m sure at least one of you was thinking that – bless you!)  How did I fall so behind?  It’s two-fold really.  Last week I had a meltdown of champions.  Seems a few things caught up with me in a big way and needed to be dealt with.  Don’t worry – I’ve got plenty to say about said meltdown, but still need a day or two more to sort out my thoughts.  And in all reality I’m still not convinced that I’ve “dealt with it” either.  I’m still partially dwelling in the “ignore it, and it will go away” phase while making the transition to the “it’s going to be OK” stage.  I’ve also been busy praying for peace.  To give up the feelings of control I have been surprised to find myself clinging too.  I’ll be honest my friends, I’ve been uneasy and shocked at my persistent feelings.

The other reason for my need to catch-up isn’t nearly as dramatic.  We just returned from a perfectly-timed and much needed ski vacation with some of our favorite people.  (Oh, and did I mention that this vacation was sans-kiddos?)  Yup, last night we returned home from four days in Park City.  It was wonderful to be surrounded by friends who know and understand you well (and still want to hang out with you.)  Alex and I feel so blessed to have friends that we share so much in common with (on so many levels – big and little), have walked life’s challenges together and still know how to have a good time!





It was a wonderful time filled with sunshine, snow, good food, a bit of shopping, good conversations and plenty of laughs.  Thank you friends.

And while the laundry piles are slowly disappearing, I’ve loved spending the day with my two boys.  I missed them plenty but know that they had a fantastic time with their Nana and Pop-pop (thank you mom and dad!)  Yet today I have found myself dreaming of our vacation time, when “reality” was keeping it’s distance.  I realize that the laundry will never be done.  There will always be toys left out.  I will never fully “catch up” and I’m fine with that.  Yet, it has still come as a surprise to re-enter the “real world” and find that my worries and fears are right where I left them.


8 thoughts on “Catching Up

  1. What a cute blog you have! I read your comment on MckMama’s blog and wanted to know I will lift you up in prayer! What a punk Satan is, huh?! Always trying to steal our joy. However, I will pray that the Lord remind you in those moments that you doubt yourself or have concerns over your situation that HIS peace will overwhelm you. The peace that surpasses all understanding!

    God bless you and that little bean in your womb!!!
    (I am pregnant as well, 7th pregnancy, 6th child, and we also got an ‘bad’ ultrasound. They are concerned about genetic defects because of a cyst found on her brain, but we know HE is in control and nothing, I do mean nothing, would change the fact that our little bean, Isabella, is an absolute gift from God!!

  2. I’m glad you had a good time in Park City – it looks beautiful. Let me know if you need anything . . . I’m feeling much better and am quite skilled at running a washing machine, a vacuum cleaner . . . even an oven if you just need dinner one of these days. :-) Hope everything is o.k. – sending love and prayers your way.

  3. Libby, I’m so glad you enjoyed a getaway with good people. Praying for peace and comfort as you continue to sort out what I can only think are very complicated thoughts and feelings. With love, *hannah

  4. That ski trip looks awesome fun. And good luck with the laundry – I have quite a few peaks of laundry to scale myself – I feel your pain! :-)


  5. Hi! I read your beautiful comment on MckMama’s blog. It was inspired and made me tear up. I have four children with the youngest being diagnosed with cystic fibrosis. Isn’t it amazing the place we find ourselves in sometimes that we could have never imagined for our lives? It has been 5 years since my sons diagnosis and I still can’t believe it sometimes. I can say that having him has changed my life for the better in more ways than one. He has taught me so much about life and he doesn’t even know it. I just want to say congratulations on your new baby and try your best to enjoy every moment of it (easier said than done…I know). Your Charlie is so darn cute and so is your older son….beautiful kids!!

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