I really love my…

…bright orange goggles.

They help me garden.  (Though mom says I should use the term “gardening” loosely.)


I run faster while wearing them.


I throw farther.


They even make coloring more fun.


And in case you think this is simply a passing fad – please note that I was also wearing them back in the summer.  Because clearly they’re good for your golf game.


*Yes, I’m wearing shorts and a long-sleeve t-shirt outside.  In February.  However, please note that I do have on my winter boots.


5 thoughts on “I really love my…

  1. hi, I’m erin and i have been lurking for a while… I think you have 2 precious boys and I enjoy reading your blog. i can’t remember how i came across your blog, but I love your header..so neat. I was cracking up at the goggles! Kids get hooked on the funniest accessories.
    love and blessings from ga~ erin

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