Sharing our Blessings – We have a Button!

***Bethany has the code on her blog (and it works), so click here (and scroll down just a bit – you will see our button) to get the code.  Or, scroll down to the end of this post for the “long-winded” way to get our button.   Seems I was initially a bit too overconfident in my tech skills.  Point taken.  I’ll stick with writing, and try to stay away from the fancy stuff.  And please let me know if the code is still giving you trouble.***


Today marks a big milestone for our blog.  It’s official.  We  have a “button.”  I’d say we’re only two years behind the curve.

Before I explain why we even need a button I want to say a big thank you to Bethany for designing our new button.  She’s amazing.  Doesn’t it look fantastic?  I think so too, which is great because after finally getting it online, I will never move it.  Back to Bethany – not only does have her own fantastic blog, she is so helpful and patient.  I know this for a fact, as I tested her this afternoon.  Apparently I’m not as tech savvy as I originally thought.  Not even close.  But she stuck with me, and helped to get things working.

So what is a blog button?  In the simplest of terms, a button is a form of advertising.  In our case, the button isn’t necessarily advertising our blog, but instead promoting the “Sharing Our Blessings” book giveaway.  Basically it’s another way to reach out to new and expecting parents whose baby has received a diagnosis of Down syndrome.  In a nutshell I’m looking to give away more books.  Nothing can stop me now – I have a button.

This is where you come in – I need your help if you have a blog.  (I’m pretty sure this would work on a facebook page too, but alas I’m one of the three women left in this world that doesn’t have a facebook account.)  You can add our button to your blog.  The theory is that one of your blog readers may be that new parent, or may know of a new parent who has recently received a diagnosis.  They can click on the “Sharing our Blessings” button on your blog and it will direct them to my blog, where they can contact me for their free book.

Pretty cool huh?

All you need to do is grab the code below and add it to your blog in a html widget.  (Don’t I sound all techy?  Truth is I have no clue what I’m talking about, but it seems to work.)  And no your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you – the text is really one long line.  Just highlight, copy and paste.  For some reason the code works that way.


<a href="" target="_blank"><img alt="Sharing Our Blessings" src=""/></a>


Sharing Our Blessings



Another way to grab the button is to literally pull it from the screen.  (These are very technical terms I know…)  When you are on the home page of our blog, literally click (once on the button) and drag it to your desktop.  Save the image to your hard drive and load it as a picture, and then hyperlink it.  Sounds confusing, but friends if I can do it, you can too.  That, or just visit Bethany’s blog for the code.

Simple as that.  (So easy for me to say that now…)  You all deserve an award for sticking with me on this one.  No more buttons.  I promise!


13 thoughts on “Sharing our Blessings – We have a Button!

  1. O.K., I tried (and I’m wordpres, too) but it comes up as a little box that says, “This image has been moved or deleted.” Any ideas?? It’s a beautiful button, though! I love it!

  2. Sorry but it’s not working for me either! I made a button today for someone and about pulled my hair out because the code would not work- finally it did. So frustrating!

  3. You guys, I’m not sure what the problem is. I have no problem putting it on my blog. On my blogroll page, I have the code on there with the grab box under it so you can all go there and grab the code for now.

    I am going to see if it will let me enter code here if I put a space … copy this code (if it works) but delete the space between the “_blank”> and <img.

  4. I got it on my wordpress blog, but I had to change some of the code. I had to put a space between the “blank” carrot and the img carrot. I also added a space between the “libbybuttonfinal.gif” carrot and the the slash a carrot. I hope this helps!

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