Answers to the Common Questions

It’s true.  People really like babies.  Nothing like announcing a pregnancy to make people come out of the woodwork and comment.

But truly, thank you.  What an outpouring of love we have received.  We are blessed.


Since announcing our third pregnancy we have been embraced in love by our wonderful family and friends (that would include you!) who are just as excited as we are about this baby.  As with all pregnancies, there are always questions.  I thought it best to answer many of the common inquiries here.

I’m pretty sure my responses will “give away” the questions, so rather than duplicating myself, here are the answers:

Yup, it was planned (we’ve even tossed around the idea of four!)  Though I’ll admit even we were surprised at how quickly it happened.  What can I say, we all have our gifts.  Mine just involves getting pregnant.

Late September.  Henry will be 4 1/2 and Charlie will be 2.  We will have just celebrated our eighth wedding anniversary.  (No, that wasn’t one of the questions, but I thought I would throw it out there for fun!)

Nope, we don’t think it’s too early to be telling people.  From the moment I took my first pregnancy test (and the four others that followed) I’ve considered myself pregnant.  With my third baby.  I can’t claim to know what the future holds for this little one, but I do know that this baby has been loved from the beginning.

Not one bit.  Honestly.  I’m not worried about any birth defects, Down syndrome or any other major health issues.  My “odds” are no different than any other 29 year-old mom having a baby.  (Update: I do want to note that the odds and statistics vary based on the source.  Some genetic counselors would put my “odds” around 1 in 500 or 1 in 600.  Yet some genetic counselors stand by the 1 in 100 statistic no matter if the case of Down syndrome in the family is the very rare translocation trisomy 21 (which is genetic – either mom or dad is the carrier), or the more common nondisjunction trisomy 21 (which Charlie has.)  This is my baby – no matter what.   I’m not worried. I’ve truly been at peace from the beginning of this pregnancy, and know that’s not my own doing.

We won’t do anything different with this pregnancy.  I never had any prenatal testing (blood testing or amnio, etc.) with my other two pregnancies.  We’ll just do what we have done in the past and rely on the 20-week ultrasound to tell us if there are any major things we need to be prepared for.  I’m actually looking forward to as few ultrasounds as possible.  After having had seven during Charlie’s pregnancy, I can say in all honestly that they are way overrated.  Nothing like visiting a dark room every few weeks just to lie there as they look just one more time for “something wrong” with your baby.

Though I would like one – an ultrasound that is – off the bat (is that considered “eating my own words?”) The reoccurring dream that I’m carrying twin girls has become a bit too real.  I’d just like a little confirmation as to how many babies will be joining our family.  That, and I’d like some justification as to why my pants are already feeling tight.

While everyone seems to be openly rooting for a girl, I honestly don’t care.  Truly.  Alex is definitely thinking pink.  I’m thinking a surprise might be fun this time around.  We’ll have to arm-wrestle.

Pretty good overall.  While I do feel nauseous a good majority of the time, I’m blessed to not actually get sick (except for this morning, but I’m considering it a fluke.)  But most of all I’m exhausted.  Which would explain the lack of phone calls I’ve made recently or the lack of blog entries.  A funny thing happens when you are pregnant with your third baby.  There is no time to daydream like you did with the first, or nap like you did with the second.  With the third, you’re already so darn busy you often forget your’re pregnant – that is until the end of the day when your pants no longer button.  And then you remember.


9 thoughts on “Answers to the Common Questions

  1. So, so happy for you and this baby is going to be so blessed in your family…we have 3 too, always wanted four…but 3 do keep you pretty darn busy…so we are staying where we are at. Congrats again…

  2. Congratulations again!
    Its great to have three boys too! :)
    And I can tell you that I am thankful to know what a loving family this baby will be born into.
    Thanks for all your encouraging blog posts!
    Thanking God for you.

  3. This is so exciting!!!! Congrats! What a blessing! I’m sooooooooo jealous. I hope before the year is out we too can announce such exciting news to the world! When is the first ultra sound? I look forward to joining you and your family on this journey.

    God Bless

  4. oh Libby – how exciting for all of you! I must admit I had a bit of a heads up from Hallie who asked me several times if I’d been reading your blog still (uh – yes!) and then this morning Hallie gave my daughter Gracie a message to make sure I checked your blog today. I remember when you got married – even though I didn’t go – I just remember how fun it was for both Anna and Hallie. . . looking forward to what the Lord brings. . .

  5. Hi, I seen your comment on Bethany’s post. We dont even have the beckett waiver here do we? Well anyway Alana qualifies for medicaid based on our income, another option to look at would be SSI because that counts differently then regular medicaid/foodstamp etc. Because there is income allowances for each parent and each child it could turn out that you might qualify for that if you dont qualify for medicaid. Even if you only get 5$ of SSI payments a month the whole point for most parents isnt the money, its the fact that it comes with medicaid. I’d check it out and make sure you call or talk to more then one person or do your own research because some people at the SSI office and call center dont know anything and will tell you a bunch of bull that isnt true in regards to income.. a child on ssi is differnt then an adult on SSI and income can be complicated so even applying cant hurt the most they can say is no sorry. Just dont go by one person saying no to you over the phone etc.. apply regardless!

  6. Yeay for you Libby!!!! I am so very excited for you and your family. I have to tell you, my husband and I are going to start trying for our second in the spring and if I had to answer all of the questions you were asked, I’d say pretty much exactly what you’ve said! May you be blessed with more good things throughout this pregnancy and always!

  7. I hadn’t checked in on Blessings and Glory for awhile. Did today, and such news! As a grandmother, let me say that three is essential – and spectacular, and MAKES the whole enterprise gel. No kidding. Yea for all of you!!

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