An Announcement

From Charlie.

I’ve just learned some interesting news.


My mom told me this afternoon.  I’ll admit it – she caught me by surprise.


At first I had to sit and let the news soak in.


This was my initial reaction.  After all, I like my current status in the family.


So I thought about it some more, and finally came to a conclusion.


It’s going to be pretty fun being a big brother!


Mom say’s September is a long way off, but I’m excited!


37 thoughts on “An Announcement

  1. Hi! I just linked to your blog from another (DS) family blog! I have a 19 month daughter Macy with DS and am expecting a baby in September as well (although it’s still a secret for a while).

    Charlie is so cute!

  2. Hi Libby!! I am overjoyed for you… what fabulous news! It’s me, Micah… its been a long time, but I have been enjoying your blog immensely. Your children are gorgeous! You’ll be in my prayers… Love, Micah

  3. Congratulations Libby!!! What a wonderful way to announce your pregnancy. I love the expressions that Charlie gives. Just priceless. I really wish you all the best through the pregnancy. We will be praying for this little one.

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