My Rock Collection

Yesterday I received a gift from my friend H. It was originally supposed to be a Christmas gift, but the timing couldn’t have been better.  As I unwrapped the tissue paper a smooth rock with beautiful engraving was uncovered.


It’s the perfect gift for many reasons.

I love the message: “Let Go, Let God.”  It’s a perfect reminder of where I’m placing my trust   It couldn’t have been more timely for me.  This very moment.  This day.  This week.

Then there’s the sentimental reasons.

When Henry was a newly walking toddler we would go for long walks to get the mail and check in with our neighbors.  Occasionally, Henry would present me with the gift of a rock.  One that he hand-picked from a neighbors yard, especially for me.  My collection has gown to include (among others) a rock from the beach, and another from the top of Mount Adams.  (Not sure if that’s legal, but please don’t turn me in.)

Each rock is a beautiful reminder of keeping life simple.  They distract me from my tired tile back-splash while washing dishes (which would look fantastic with some shiny new white subway tiles don’t you think?  Just a “subliminal” note to my sweet hubby…)  What I really mean of course, is that they are sweet reminders of the precious moments I get to spend with my children.  My darling children who are growing up far too quickly.  Henry doesn’t bring me rocks as often – now that he is much “older” and busy with his own activities.  But on those rare days when he does surprise me, they are all the more special.

I love unexpected collections like this – I didn’t plan on having small rocks take over my windowsill, though they do seem to be gaining ground.

What unexpected collections do you love?


One thought on “My Rock Collection

  1. I love the saying “Let Go, Let God” That is my motto right now. It’s the only thing that helps me through the day sometimes. I like the idea of giving him all my worries and stresses. Things seem to go so much smoother when I let Him take control.

    It is true that we need to take the time out to enjoy the simple things in life. Kids are always the ones that seem to remind us we need to slow down and truly enjoy everthing God has given us- even if it is just a rock:)

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