All Beauty and No Brains

Sure is pretty isn’t she?


Our trusty ol’ dishwasher was starting to give us signs that the end was near.  I think it was the large piece of plastic we found floating around (a former dishwasher part) and the consistently not-so-clean dishes that finally pushed us over the edge.  Or at least into action.  We swapped out our aging machine for a newer, sleeker model.  The saleswoman assured me that we were buying a very quiet dishwasher (though anything would have been quieter than our 12 year-old Kitchen Aid.)

Friday was the big day.  Our new beauty arrived and was installed.  I immediately filled it to the brim with dirty dishes and pressed the start button.  They weren’t kidding – it was so quiet! I smugly left the kitchen as my dishes were scrubbed cleaned.

About one hour later a funny thing happened.  (Though not so funny if you were me.)  I realized that dishwasher wasn’t very quiet – it wasn’t running.  It actually didn’t work at all.

While we still are able to look at our pretty new dishwasher, if you take a look at the other side of the sink this is what you will see for the next week (until yet another sleek new model comes to visit.)


Tonight as you load your own dishwasher and shut it closed for the day, be sure to give it an extra love pat or encouraging word.  They work so hard.

Don’t wait until it’s too late to tell your dear sweet dishwasher thank you.  Perhaps something along these lines…”Even though you were falling apart, your racks (top and bottom) would come flying out at the same time when the door was opened, and the dishes were only occasionally clean, we miss you, and love you.  Please come back.”  You know, something like that…


2 thoughts on “All Beauty and No Brains

  1. We’ve been saying we’d love to go out to dinner with you guys . . . so let us know if you want a day off cooking/cleaning duty!!

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