I Heart Art

Henry’s been at it again.  Painting that is.  We had a growing stack of art to prove it.


I was sure that I had used up all my creative juices with our last project – when we put his first stack of paintings on display.

Yet freezing weather and a child who won’t nap will force you to get creative.  So we broke out the scissors and cut the painted paper into hearts of various sizes.  Once we had a stack of multicolored hearts, it was time to break out the glitter glue (Henry’s favorite part) and attach the hearts to bright red string.


Voila!  Cheery Valentine decorations to display around the house.



Whew!  This “artistic” thing is exhausting.  Our heart project took two days (yes, I stretched it out – remember, little person not napping = desperate mother.)  And to top it off, this morning while driving Henry to school he asked me what art project we would be working on this afternoon!  Looks like we will be making heart banners for everyone we know…

What is your favorite (and kiddo friendly) art project?


5 thoughts on “I Heart Art

  1. I also have a three year old who doesn’t nap much anymore. I’m not very crafty myself, so I don’t have any great ideas that way — my daughter is happy to play with paints and play-doh (usually not together). When I’m at the end of my rope, I let her fill up the bathroom sink with water and bubbles and I give her some cups, washclothes, utensils etc., to play with and she’s happy for an hour or more (and not too much mess to clean up either!).

  2. I love crafty projects like your hearts that are spontaneous and beautiful!

    When I was a teacher, my favorite kind of classroom bulletin board was totally kid-created. So if we were studying penguins (just as an example), the kids divided into groups to create the different aspects of the habitat with lots of books as inspiration (paint, dry, cut out, then arrange) and then we’d do a separate project and create the penguins to place on the habitat. (Blue painters tape is awesome for sticking stuff up on walls without ripping paint off, it can also be moved around easily.)

    You could totally create in-home murals this way that could take DAYS! to complete. And you could put it in a place where Henry could role play/act. And when he’s over penguins, on to gorillas…or the ocean…or whatever! I can think of a bajillion fun things to do as a spinoff or to add to the mural, but I’ve already written a novel (sorry).

    Just an idea. This is the kind of stuff I dream of doing with Viv one day…hopefully she’ll have an interest in crafty imagination activities – because I could do this stuff for HOURS and DAYS. :)

  3. My sanity-saver lately has been Micah’s wipe-clean dry-erase book. He will spend a LONG time happily coloring, tracing animals, shapes, numbers, and letters. Our last OT session, Micah colored the ENTIRE time – Claudia was SO impressed!! I meant to show it to you the other day, but forgot. Anyway, it’s a hard cover “Priddy books” learn-to-draw. I just found one for M’s cousin at Shopko – ours has been worth every penny of the $8.99!!!

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