Sharing Some Bloggy Love

You may not believe this.  But this frequent blogging momma, never actually read a blog until June of last summer (2008.)  True story.

And how was I converted so easily into a blog reading and writing kind of gal?  It all started one weekend when Alex was away (which you know can cause the tears to fall. Nothing like an evening to myself after the kiddos are sound asleep.  Break out the sappy chick flicks…)

I was online researching something kid-related (ah, my glamorous life) “miss-clicked” and discovered Angie’s blog Bring the Rain.  I was forever changed.  Reading her story renewed my faith.  It encouraged me to further seek out the Lord – to discover the purpose that he designed especially for me.  Angie’s voice is that of a true friend – telling it like it is, even while dealing with one of the greatest tragedies that a mother could encounter – carrying a baby to term that is incompatible with life.  She has gracefully woven a story that shares the life of her beautiful daughter Audrey Caroline and glorifies the Lord.  Her story encouraged me to share Charlie’s story and reminded me that we all have a beautiful story to share.

I strongly encourage you to visit Angie’s blog.  Grab a box of tissues and cozy in.  Be sure to start at the beginning of the story.  And if you are feeling ambitious, work your way through the archives (from January 2008 to today.)  Which you will want to do because it’s that good.  You won’t regret a moment you spend laughing and crying along the way (even if you are up way past your bedtime like I was.)


Starting a blog has also allowed me to meet many other mothers who are on a journey similar to ours.  To say this has been a blessing doesn’t seem adequate.  I do try to include them in my blogroll, but often that isn’t as up-dated as I would like.

One of my favorite new friends writes at Benbo, Being Vivian’s Mom.  And right now, Hannah is doing a “Joy in January” series.  It’s like finding a beautiful tulip in the middle of a snowy field.  Not to mention that Vivian is such a little cutie (don’t you just love the name Vivian?)  And Hannah is so darn creative, you will leave inspired (even if you don’t have a creative bone in your body like me.)  Go.  Check it out.


January seems to bring out the “decorator” in me.  I’m inspired to re-do the house (though this all takes place in my mind – none of my fabulous ideas actually come into fruition.)  This “redecorating” has led me to discover a bevy of decorating blogs.  My favorite? The Nesting Place of course. The Nester has created a blog of inspiring decorating ideas and has almost convinced me that I could tackle something bold.  Like painting.  Or creating my own window treatments.  Almost.  And to top things off, The Nester has a great sense of humor.  What’s better than home decorating and humor?


Go.  Explore.  Enjoy!


2 thoughts on “Sharing Some Bloggy Love

  1. Oh I love Angie’s blog! I just started reading it from the begining.
    It was so fun seeing you guys last weekend! Hope to see you all again soon!

  2. Oh, Libby, thank you for your very kind and generous words.

    I am so glad you’re telling your story, and I am blessed to walk this road with a mama as honest, thoughtful and open as you.

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