At Least We Didn’t Have To Go To the Mall

Yesterday Henry and Charlie finally got to sit on Santa’s lap.  Of course the boys refused to make eye contact with Santa, or the camera.  And Charlie’s eyes were on me as he gave his best grin.  And proceeded to spit up.  Henry on the other hand, was focused.  He seemed to be thinking “smile, but don’t make eye contact – just don’t make eye contact and it will be over quickly.”  And upon closer inspection, it seems that even Santa wasn’t interested in the camera.

There were however, two good things that came out of this visit.  (Though Henry would argue for a third, but I’m not calling the new toy car a good thing – jury’s still out on the benefits of lead-based paint, although it did keep him occupied for a whole hour yesterday.)  The first good thing, is that this picture officially qualifies as “good enough” for me as far as Santa photos go.  This means that we can avoid visiting the mall Santa (a blessing, considering our visits in years past.)  That and I’ve been avoiding the mall in general these days.  With little kiddos I’d take internet shopping over tacking the mall any day.  And we like our UPS guy – he visits our house almost every afternoon.

Oh and the second good thing about visiting Santa?  Henry forgot to tell Santa what he wanted.  Now before you think I’m a terrible mom, let me explain.  Henry wants a pool table.  He is three years old.  And we don’t have room for a pool table.  Which means that we are still gently encouraging him to think of other things that Santa could bring.  Smaller and more age-appropriate things.





One thought on “At Least We Didn’t Have To Go To the Mall

  1. If Henry is upset when he doesn’t receive a pool table, keep in mind that you can always download a pool game for the mac off in the downloads section. :)
    A slinky is another replacement option. :)

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