Why My Almost Four Year-Old Couch Looks Much Older

When I was seven months pregnant with Henry we stumbled across, bought, and moved into our current house.  While it wasn’t the ideal time for a move (nor was it really planned, we had already finished the nursery in our old house) we knew that our new house would fit our growing family well into the future.

For us a new house also meant that we had to seek out some new furniture.  However, I quickly realized that my love for beautiful furniture and decorating wasn’t going necessarily match up with my current stage of life.  Nor does my penchant for hand-woven rugs.  It just doesn’t seem logical when you have a little one that spits up all the time.  So for now I keep a bottle of Resolve close at hand and know that someday I will have my gorgeous rugs and will most likely long for and miss the days of the little guy spitting up.

But this post is about couches and not rugs.  After making the decision to move, Alex and I took a trip to the big city to check out our couch options.  We had measured out the room, and I had even used masking tape to see what it would look like with a sectional, or a couch and a chair.  Yup, I’m that gal.  We finally settled on an overstuffed latte colored microfiber sectional.  Not the most glamorous choice, but boy is it comfortable.  And I can personally confirm this because I have logged many hours nursing babies, watching TV, reading stories to the kiddos and talking with friends on that couch.  The fabric while nothing special, was a genius choice and I can confirm that you can really spill anything on it and wipe it off with a damp rag.  Really.  Anything.

Our couch has also become a favorite play-place for Henry.  He uses it as his personal trampoline, his gymnastics platform and favorite place to play bouncy, bouncy body-slam, his “most favorite game ever.”  (Thanks Uncle Andy.)

I know that it is only a matter of time before Charlie is crawling and jumping all over the couch too, but for now he happily watches his big brother Henry perform his tricks.  When it’s time for the show to begin, Charlie sits in his high chair and Henry rolls him up to the couch for a first-row seat.




Will our couch survive another four years of this?  I’m hopeful.  We may have to limit the gymnastic performances and shift our focus to fort building.  And I’ll even admit that I’ve grown to love its well-loved look.  It seems to be a good reflection of where we are right now – comfortable, and loving it.


2 thoughts on “Why My Almost Four Year-Old Couch Looks Much Older

  1. I think we have that exact same couch, same color, and almost the same sectional layout! I”m the queen of masking tape on floors to measure potential furniture buys. But, when we moved to the new house a few weeks ago, the sectional shape didn’t fit our tv room. So now the poor thing is a really really long straight couch and the corner piece is hiding in the bonus room! :)

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