Not Me! Monday…It’s Back!

Seems as though everyone loves a good Not Me! Monday. And while I may have taken a two week break, worry no more.  Without further ado, here are some things that most definitely did not happen around our house this busy “it’s getting awfully close to Christmas” weekend – even though the pictures may show otherwise.

Friday afternoon was relaxed and low-key as I spent an hour playing/learning how to use my new camera the boys and I played inside.  I quickly learned that Charlie is my most patient subject and happily submits to spending long periods of time playing while mom hides behind the camera.  And of course Henry loves it too.  It’s not like Henry runs around in the background creating chaos much to his brothers delight.



Saturday we were not covered with our first blanket of snow, finally ushering in the Christmas season outside around town.  And Henry of course was not excited to go outside and shovel the snow play and make snow angels.  Of course Charlie did not want to be outside playing too.  It’s not as if he longingly sat by the window watching his brother play in the cold fluffy snow for almost an hour.



But of course a good Christmas weekend would definitely not be complete (even with snow) without an official Christmas program at church.  This year was Henry’s first time up singing on the stage with all of the other kids, animals, and angels.  And while it initially appeared that Henry wasn’t cut out for life as a performer, I’d say by the end he caught his groove.  Or not.  (And no, I did not – really – dress Henry with the red bow, apparently it was added as a last minute piece of “flair.”)



(And no, the other angels, kids, and sheep in the crowd don’t typically have ‘blurry’ faces, but they do here because while it’s totally cool for me to post endless photos of my kids, it’s not quite as cool to do the same of other peoples kiddos.)

I’d have to say it was a great weekend.  And of course Alex and I were not up to much either.  It’s not like between taking endless pictures of the boys, playing in the snow and the Christmas program, Alex and I went out to dinner with friends one evening, had friends over for dinner another, and had one quiet dinner with just our family of four.

But I have to give Henry credit, as he put it best at dinner:

“Dad, dinner is good.  Life is good.”


5 thoughts on “Not Me! Monday…It’s Back!

  1. Life is good, isn’t it? Cute pictures and I want to say thank you for the copy of the book Road Map to Holland. Got it in the mail today! You are ever so sweet to share this with me and I can’t wait to share it with my family…Have a blessed holiday if I don’t get a chance to chat with you beforehand…

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