Recent conversations around our house:

While eating breakfast with Henry.

“Mom, if I call daddy a turkey does that mean that I’m a chicken?”


Sunday afternoon.  Alex and Henry are making lunch.

“Henry you have been such a good boy today.  Even your Sunday school teacher commented on your good behavior.”

“Yeah, I’m not feeling crabby today.”

“I would love it if you would be a good boy everyday Henry.”


“Dad, I wish you were good everyday too.”


Curled up on the couch looking at pictures with Henry of Alex’s recent bird hunting trip to Montana.

“Mom look at this picture.  This is where great-grandma was born.  See, right there – over on that side of the road.  And this building was her school.  This one was her church.”

many photos later…

“Mom, just wait.  There are some incredible cloud pictures coming up that Alex took.  I mean dad.  I’m supposed to call him dad and not Alex right?”

still more photos…

“And this one is of Pop-pop and Chase (Pop-pop’s dog.)  He’s an unbelievable dog.  See, look here are the birds that they got, aren’t they beautiful?”

Maybe I’m the only one that finds great humor and interest in these comments.  The part that I found so amazing was had I closed my eyes it could have been either Alex or my dad recounting the trip.  Word for word.  Which really reinforces the fact that Henry is such a sponge when it comes to what other adults are talking about.  Good thing I’ve cleaned up my act.


And not to be outdone, Charlie is starting to “talk” a little more each day.

While playing on the floor in the family room.

Henry and I take turns placing a soft toy ring on Charlie’s head and exclaiming, “Uh-oh!” when it falls.

Charlie picks up the ring after a fall and places it on his head and exclaims, “Uh, uh!” (in his deepest voice) when it slips off.

Play game over and over until it’s time to make dinner.


At the end of mealtime with Charlie still in his highchair.

“Charlie, are you all done (while also signing all done) or do you want more (while also signing more?)”

Charlie’s hands fly up as if he is playing the “sooo big” game.  Consistently now, after every meal when Charlie is done eating, this is his sign for “all done.”  Way to go baby!


4 thoughts on “Notables

  1. I love this, Libby. What a delight. wish I’d written down what Kathy and Doug said. These are priceless and you will be so glad you did this. Love you.l Gigi

  2. I laughed out loud when I read Henry’s adorable words. And it sounds like Charlie and Vivian would LOVE hanging out together – one of Viv’s favorite activities is putting rings on her head (or mom or dad’s), signing hat, then laughing as it falls off!

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