It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

No, you aren’t seeing things.  And your computer screen isn’t broken.  It’s snowing on our blog.  Just think of it as a little something extra to get you in the Christmas spirit.  Around here we are practically praying for it, (Henry actually is – he got new ski boots yesterday) or are at least repeating the mantra “think snow.”  Hopefully this weekend it will come true.

Another way to get in the Christmas spirit?   Taking Christmas card pictures of course!  I’m pleased to say that I have mine all printed.  However, they have been sitting on my desk for at least a week begging to be addressed and mailed.  I’ve also been trying all week to capture pictures of the boys together for my parent’s Christmas card.  This is good news for the rest of the family as it takes the heat off of them to pose in front of the camera.  However, the task of getting a three year old and 15-month-old to sit still and smile (both at the same time) is much easier said than done.  Charlie is a ham and loves putting on a show for the camera.  But big brother Henry?  I think he has figured out way too early the infamous practice of whining, pouting and making funny faces while mom dances, throws out bribes and practically begs for him to “just sit still and smile.”  “Smile!  No, don’t smile like that!”

While there are still no pictures worthy of “Christmas card status” there were a few classics (many reminded me of Christmas card “photo sessions” with my two younger brothers when we were little.)  Enjoy, and remember – think snow!



5 thoughts on “It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

  1. I love the snow on your blog! I will have to come here to get my snow fix, since there’s no chance of the real thing here in CA!

    The photos of your boys are so fun – I love the one where they’re each grabbing the other’s face. These are the moments that make up a wonderful life!

    I’ll be “thinking snow” for you!

  2. Libs, those pictures are perfect! One year we sent out a pic of our boys wrestling because they would not sit still for the photo. It captures the true essence of the world of boys.

  3. Hahahah Becki, I actually remember that Christmas photo. Libby, I have to say it just makes me feel better because we have the same issues in our house trying to get pictures of Hollie and Sydney and I like the feeling of “its completely normal” bring on more crazy photos!!

  4. Would happily send you any and all snow you may like! We get more than enough, we will happily share. Those are adorable pictures, I have been there many times myself and it takes me right back. Our secret now to the Christmas card picture is photoshop!

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