Simply Captured

A few days ago my friend and I were talking about how her mom had recently organized their family’s photos.  Not by spending hours on the computer, or scanning them to a CD, but by pouring over countless piles of originals.  Pictures that had been captured on film.  Photos that held the element of surprise – you never knew just what had been captured until the film was developed.  A completely different process from our digital world where every picture is seemingly perfect (or deleted if not.)

Almost one month ago, during one of Charlie’s education appointments, another teacher stopped by to take some pictures.  This photo session was certainly spontaneous (we went into Henry’s room and opened the curtains to reveal the best light), no special outfits were selected and we simply played.   It was such a wonderful surprise to finally see what had been captured on film.  The pictures just seem so real.  Candid, definitely not staged.  And the colors?  I’m in love with the beautiful colors that were captured – I can practically feel the warm and fuzzy stripey outfit Charlie is wearing.  I’m loving these photos and the simple moments that were captured.  They are a treasure.



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