Changes, they often make me nervous. That said, this afternoon I did a bit of blog “housekeeping.” I added a new header and tweaked a few other things. A few things worth noting: I moved the tabs from the old header onto the sidebar (right column.) That’s where you will find pages like “The Beginning”, “Sharing Our Blessings” and “A Brief Who and Why.”

While things are looking good on my end (on my Mac computer, using the Firefox browser) Alex mentioned that things didn’t look so hot on on his computer at work (a PC, using the Explorer browser.) I’m guessing that this will be a work in progress for the next few days and that’s why I’m asking you.  As a reader of this blog what do you think of the changes?  Is it easier to read or is it more difficult? Easier to navigate? Do you like the new layout or prefer the old version? Please leave a comment and let me know what you think.  Nothing is set in stone and I want to hear what you have to say.


11 thoughts on “Changes

  1. I like it. It’s clean and simple. Now that you’ve changed it I can’t remember what it looked like before, but I remember liking it then too. I love all the pictures!

  2. I’ve joined the new age by updating my Explorer browser. The site now displays perfectly on my computer. Looks great!

  3. Hi,

    New reader here. I’ve been reading your blog a little and thought I’d comment since I grow frustrated with wanting feedback sometimes and not getting any! First, you have a beautiful family! Second, the layout seems very user friendly and I love the way you’ve portrayed “your story.” My story began as yours did, but the outcome was completely different. I’ve never blogged about it, but will figure a way to work it in since our brush with Downs really shaped me. Blessings to you!

  4. Libby,
    Looks Great!!!
    I JUST NEEDED to tell you this speaking of change(I to am not fond of change) But this was change worthy. In the Sunday adds this week i was so excited to see at least 2 young children in the adds that were children with downs. Smiling posing happy children.It brought a smile to my heart.I do not believe that i have ever seen that before. Maybe just maybe these precious children of God are being seen for who they are PRECIOUS

  5. Hi Libby,

    I don’t know if you remember me, but I am a good friend of Anna’s. We met at one of your University Village shopping adventures. Anyhow, I love the new layout especially the new “blessings and glory” title with the picture of Charlie.

  6. libby,

    your layout looks great and its quite user friendly! And let me just say how adorable those pictures are!!! I have several from that stage with my little guy and I treasure them!! He will be a ‘babe’ magnet, for sure!!!

  7. Hi – Thanks for commenting over at my BabyCenter blog. Your sons are beautiful, and so is your website! I’m the most technically challenged person on the planet. My personal site as at Weebly, and I can promise you that your site is 100% nicer looking than my cookie cutter blog! I’ll be back to read more. And love the photos.

  8. The pictures on the right sidebar are not formatted to fit in the sidebar peramitters on my computer (Windows PC), but it still looks great!

    • The pictures aren’t formatted on my computer either. And to tell you the truth I have no idea how to change that (and will never actually reveal how much time I have spent trying to figure it out.) So for now I’m calling it “artistic.” Just another example of how I choose to live life right on the edge. ;)

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