auf Wiedersehen

On Saturday, my dear friend H and her family moved.  Not just a simple move across town, the state, or even the country.  They left for Austria – a very exciting move indeed.  H’s husband K is from Austria so they have plenty of family and friends to welcome them home.

That Saturday afternoon, my boys woke early from their naps and I rushed them into the car.  We sped to the airport, parked right by the runway (a small town perk) and waved good-bye as our friends flew away.  Henry understood what was going on, and was sad that he didn’t have the chance to give his buddy L a hug goodbye.

And H?  She is an amazing friend, who has such a generous heart and wonderful spirit.  It was and is such a blessing to have a friend that not only shares similar parenting styles and philosophies, but who is someone that you admire and can have fun with.  (And it helps that our husbands and kids get along fabulously as well!)

I have found that friendships that blossom during motherhood – especially as a new mom – are intense.  When you are a mom that stays home with your children, friends often seem like a lifeline – a reminder of who you are beyond your ever-present role of ‘mom.’  They stretch you, challenge you, give you new ideas, encourage you, and cheer you on no matter what.  They know when to listen and when to ask questions.  Our friendship was no exception.

A good friendship is something to be treasured.  I have been blessed with many friends in my life.  Friends that have prepared countless meals for our family.  Friends that are always up for coffee or a playdate at a moments notice (even when the house is a mess.)  Friends that will pray with you or for you when you can’t.  Who help without waiting to be asked.  Friends I haven’t met, yet value our correspondence.  Friends that I check in with daily, every few weeks, or not quite as often as I should.  Each friend is a blessing and each for a different reason.  Not one is taken for granted.  And my prayer is that I offer the same gifts of friendship to each of them.

Although it is sad to have a dear friend move away, I will make sure to remember my dear Henry’s wise words that he shared after we got back into the car at the airport.

“Mom, it’s OK, we’ll see them soon.  And we can always Skype them.”

Bis bald. See you soon!


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