No Way! Monday

This morning was chaotic as usual.  A typical Monday – getting Henry and Alex out the door for Montessori and work respectively, while Charlie and I got ready for his hour-long therapy session with his occupational therapist who comes to the house.

So you can imagine my surprise when finally I opened up my computer and discovered that I was the winner of MckMama’s Fryday contest.  No way!  Not me! Yup, it’s true – which means that we are the winners of an up-dated blog header (custom designed by MckMama herself), and some fun photography goodies too!

But that wasn’t it.  The best part of the whole deal?  Thanks to MckMama’s many faithful readers, there has been a dramatic (this may be the understatement of the day) increase in visits to our site – which will hopefully mean that more families will hear about “Sharing our Blessings.” And hear a bit more about how great our Jesus is.  I’d say that’s pretty good news for a Monday, don’t you think?


But really, it’s Monday so let’s get down to business…

So many funny comments, so many darling pictures.  Where do I even begin to explain what didn’t go on around here in the last week?

Let’s just dive right in – here’s what did not happen, things that were not said, and things we absolutely did not do.  After all, its not like we have pictures to prove it.

Alex and Henry spent Saturday morning outside raking leaves and putting up some Christmas lights while Charlie and I stayed warm inside and watched through the windows.  Or I should say Charlie watched out the window and I watched him through the camera lens.  I’m certainly not biased, but I think he’s a cutie!


Charlie even stood up to watch.  OK, it’s not like I propped him up there, but I think he liked it!


Of course I was not worried one bit when I spotted this through the window….Alex holding a staple gun…



Henry didn’t keep us in stitches this week…

Henry’s current favorite book for bed and nap time reading is “The Preschool Bible.”  We rotate this equally between the twenty million books that are spilling from his shelf (or at least that’s what it seems like when you are the mom and are always picking them up…)

We typically read his favorite stories over and over, (baby Moses, “the stew” – Jacob and Esau, Jesus goes fishing, Noah – you get the idea.)  Occasionally I like to slip in a new story.  Today it was the rarely read story of Dorcas.

And this conversation most definately didn’t occur as a result.

“Dorcas loved to do things for people.  She washed.  She cooked.  She sewed.  She had kind words for people in trouble.  Whenever someone needed help, Dorcas was there.  Do you know anyone like Dorcas?”

Of course I didn’t pause appropriately (wishing?, hoping?) waiting for Henry to respond to the question.  It’s not like I assumed that he would respond:  “mommy!”

“Do you know anyone like Dorcas?”

long pause

Henry’s response?  “George Bush!”


And last night after taking a bath, brushing teeth, getting that one last cup of ice, reading stories, singing songs, saying prayers, and tucking Henry in for the third time we did not have this conversation:

“Henry, get back in bed.  Mom and dad have already tucked you in, read you stories….”

“But mom, we didn’t discuss any politics!”

There seems to be a bit of a theme running through our house.  Or not…


10 thoughts on “No Way! Monday

  1. Congratulations! That’s great! And, thanks for sharing Henry’s antics – they really made me laugh this time. Remind me to tell you what Micah has had to say about politics lately . . . whoops, I mean, what he definitely did NOT say, because we certainly do NOT talk about those things in front of our child . . . :-)

  2. I DID find you through MckMama, and I’m so glad I did (and that you won!). Your boys are adorable. I’ve added you to my Google Reader and look forward to seeing what God has in store for you and your family and also with “Sharing our Blessings”.

  3. Hello there. I also found you through MckMamma’s site and it couldn’t have come at a more appropriate time. On Friday, our family went in for a Phase 2 ultrasound of our little girl, due April 6th. The technician and doctor found a soft indicator (urine backing up in her kidneys) for Down syndrome. I will not lie to you, I have cried multiple times since Friday. However, I firmly believe that God is in control of our lives and that His plan is perfect. We will know more in a couple of months (or maybe we will not know more until this precious girl is born), but even now I can see God giving us peace as we learn to rely on Him more fully each day.

  4. What an adorable picture…..seeing him watch what’s going on outside!

    You will be blessed beyond imagination with this little guy!! JEB continues to amaze us….even at 8. He’s talking more, learning the alphabet, knows shapes, colors, all kinds of things! It’s amazing what he can do!!

    I’m so glad to know you and am looking forward to getting to know Charlie….and Henry and Alex too!

    Congrats on winning!!!

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