It’s Not Monday!

It’s Monday!  And that means its time to review some of the highlights of the last week.  You know, to let you now what did not happen around here – though the pictures may prove otherwise…

Apparently ski fever doesn’t run in the family. 



Nope, it’s not like Charlie spent all morning playing with the same ski poles that his big brother has been carrying around the house.  No, I’m sure that he isn’t dreaming of the day when he will get to hit the slopes too…

And of course Henry clearly was not concerned about his baby brother playing with ski poles.  He didn’t worry that mom wasn’t paying attention and announce:

“Mom!  Charlie shouldn’t play with those ski poles!  He could choke!”

I’m sure I had the same worry.


As if playing with ski poles wasn’t enough for one day, it’s not like Charlie decided to give crawling a shot.



OK, crawling isn’t the right term, but he did discover that he is able to cover a fair amount of ground when pushing off of the wood floor instead of the carpet.  And I of course was not mortified at how incredibly clean his pajamas were after testing out the wood floors.

Of course no one asked to see a photo of Henry trying out some of his new yoga moves.  It’s not like he is the cutest little kiddo ever when he does his “tree on a mountain” pose.


And although these photos may give the impression that we like to live in our jammies it’s not like we would actually spend a good portion of the day wearing them – especially not on the weekends.  No way, not us!


5 thoughts on “It’s Not Monday!

  1. I found your “Not Me” on MckMama’s site…your boys are absolutely adorable! And that’s an interesting concern…choking on ski poles :o) And we never spend days in jammies either, nope!

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