It’s Not Monday – Is It? *Now with photos*

Here we are – it’s Monday!  Which of course lends itself nicely to a re-cap of the last week don’t you think?  Without further ado here it is – things that most certainly did not happen around our house.

I was certainly not challenged as a mom in the last week.  Alex was out of town for five days hunting in Montana (but really, who’s counting) which left me to parent solo.  It was not difficult at all and this morning I don’t feel the least bit sleepy.  And we weren’t happy at all to have Alex home today.

But that’s not the point.  The point is – the boys and I had a great time.  We most certainly didn’t have mini-adventures throughout the week and weekend.

Those adventures definitely would not include things like heading up to the mountains with the kids and my mom for the weekend.  Playing in the snow.  Making pancakes on a school morning.  Watching movies.  Trying to be crafty – making little “forest animals” from felt, pom-poms and lots of glue – which I will never admit really came from a kit.  (Prepared by Martha Stewart, who obviously hasn’t tried out her products with a three year-old – or a 29 year-old for that matter.)  And of course I did not encourage my dear Henry to take the completed “chipmunk” and “skunk” for show-and-tell this morning.  I’m certainly not gunning for creative mother of the year.  (That much is the truth.)

As promised, here are the photos of our weekend art project – because who doesn’t need a good laugh on a Monday?


The skunk and the chipmunk.  Martha Stewart clearly has competition.  Maybe not.

Of course Henry said nothing funny.  But if he had it may have gone something like this….

“Mommy, I’m tired.”

“I’m sorry to hear that Henry, we will have to make sure that you get to bed early tonight (as if 7:30 isn’t already early…)

“No, I think I just need a tall half-decaf skinny latte.”

Of course – that’s what I was thinking…


And then Henry let me in on a little known fact…Did you know that Bingo wasn’t the farmer’s only dog?  According to Henry (who was singing loudly and riding his bike while I unpacked our car) there was another, lesser-known dog.

“There was a farmer who had a dog and DINGO was his name-O.  D-I-N-G-O!  D-I-N-G-O!  D-I-N-G-O!  And DINGO was his name-O!”

“Henry, what is the name of the dog?”



7 thoughts on “It’s Not Monday – Is It? *Now with photos*

  1. maybe i’m lost on how this game works, but when you say, “But we *are* happy to have Alex home today,” on a “not me Monday,” are you implying something entirely different? what’s really going on here, eb?

  2. Good point Jimmy. We ARE happy that Alex is home – and that is the truth. Seems I got a bit confused playing my own game. And I NEVER get confused – nope, not me! That’s what is really going on here…

  3. LOL on Henry’s coffee order. Oh the things they pick up! The other day we were playing restaurant and Soren brought me a “decaf grande non-fat latte”. Oy. What have I taught this child?!

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