Only One Who Saves

Let’s be honest, Tuesday is a pretty important day for our nation.  As Americans, we have the privilege and honor of electing a new President that will lead our great country.  One of the candidates will win the Presidential election – and it will be no surprise to God.

I’m not typically one for politics, but this election has captured my attention for many reasons.  As a mom (with one child that falls into the “special needs” category), wife, business partner (via Alex’s business), citizen, and especially as a Christian woman – I have felt the need to pay attention to the many issues surrounding the election.

These last few months have also been unsettling.  I have been surprised by the sentiment of despair that has dominated this election season.  It has been startling to watch so many place all of their hope into one leader – Republican or Democrat.

In the midst of all of the hoopla in the last few months and weeks leading up to Tuesday, my prayers and thoughts have been scattered across the board.  I have truly struggled with this election – but most particularly as a woman of faith.

And that’s why I feel the need to share my opinion on the way things stand today (and really, for eternity.)

First and foremost I am a Christian.  As a Christian, Jesus is the leader in my life.  He leads – I follow.  I can’t change His terms to better ‘fit’ my life.  He is the leader.  This means that I vote as a Christian.  Not Republican or Democrat.

I’m certain that the Lord doesn’t see things through a Republican or Democrat perspective either.  But He does pay attention to how we choose to handle the issues.  I’m not claiming to have a direct line to God, but I’m pretty sure that God doesn’t change to ‘fit’ with the times.

I honestly can’t see Jesus agreeing with much of the politics of today.  God does not change, nor does the Word that he has given to us.  That’s why as a Christian, I can’t look my Jesus in the eye and say that I voted in support of certain practices.

My desire is not to tell you why I didn’t vote for one particular candidate.  I simply want to point out my obviously ‘not so obvious’ question:

Has anyone stopped to wonder why we are spending so much time both worrying about and placing our trust in an earthly leader?

Let’s be very clear – there is no perfect candidate.  Not one of the candidates can ’save us.’

There is only One who can save us.

Sure, I care about politics (apparently this year I really care.)  But here is the kicker – I don’t believe that politics (or any politicians) are going to cure what ails our country.

As a nation we no longer recognize that we are all wealthy, and have way more than we need. (And no, wealth does not necessarily equal a cell phone, cable television, flashy car and a free college education.  Nor are these ‘necessities’ or a ‘right.’)  Yet we continue to want more.  We want something.  We are searching.  We don’t understand our feelings of discontent.

I’m don’t think I’m going too far out on a limb by stating that life is pretty good here in America.  And yet we act ashamed of our country and preach messages of despair, destruction and doom-and-gloom.

I’m also quite certain that any positive change that occurs in our country must begin with individuals becoming responsible for their own actions and making good choices – instead of entrusting our future to the government.

As for me?  I don’t buy into the ‘negative conditioning’ that is thriving in our culture.  A culture that strives for perfection and avoids inconvenience at all costs.

I could continue on all day trying to prove my point.  But that would be beside the point.  Instead, I will focus on what I know the Lord has called me to do.  Serve Him.  Know Him.  Love Him.  Continue to let him mold me into the best wife and mother my husband and children need.  To continue sharing the blessings of our family – to bring Him glory.

Who I choose to spend eternity with – by accepting Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior – is much more important than which Presidential candidate I voted for.  After all – winning is not all that matters.


3 thoughts on “Only One Who Saves

  1. I agree w/you Libby, our Lord will not be surprised by this election outcome. In fact, whoever we elect is part of His devine plan for us. We must never take ours eyes off Jesus!
    I lean on the following text a lot.
    Proverbs chapter 3 vs 5&6.
    Trust in the Lord with all your heart,
    Lean not on your own understanding;
    In all your ways acknowledge Him,
    And He will direct your paths.
    We miss you all.

  2. Great post Libby.
    The president elected will make mistakes and be disappointing, probably in many ways.
    America doesn’t need certain political change, but American hearts need changing.
    Thanks again for all your encouraging posts!

  3. Great post! I never wanted to get behind a particular candidate or post a sign or anything because neither candidate stood for what I really believe in.

    My time and energy would be better spent “campaigning” for Jesus. He’s the only one who can bring about real change in our nation.


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